Block HSBC Credit Card, How to Block HSBC Credit Card

How to Stop HSBC Credit Card Use You may download a form from the website and mail it to the bank to file a complaint and block your credit card following an unlawful transaction. Phone Avoid HSBC Credit Card, If someone stole and used your credit card, call HSBC Phone Banking:

Blocking HSBC Credit Card

Block or unblock HSBC Credit Cards using IVRS, SMS, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking HSBC Bank is a popular private bank in India among high-net-worth individuals and enterprises. The bank exclusively offers the HSBC Credit Card. Visa and MasterCard cooperate with HSBC to provide premium credit cards. Using your card to make purchases earns you cash back, lounge access, and other privileges.

If you lose your HSBC Card, don’t worry. Blocking your HSBC card puts it on a hotlist. This page explains how to hotlist your HSBC credit card to prevent theft.

There are various ways to ban your HSBC credit card.

Disabling HSBC credit cards through IVRS

IVRS can block HSBC credit cards. The method is easy. Simply call the Phone Banking Number. A professional will validate your details when you contact the IVRS Menu Option.

After that, the person will block your credit card and provide you a new one. The person will explain credit card replacement fees and other details.·

  • HSBC Phone Banking Numbers: 1860 108 7788 & 1860 500 2277
  • For foreign card loss, call 040-67173402 or 080-49089632.

HSBC account credit card blocking via online banking

HSBC Internet Banking users cannot block credit cards. The Lost or Stolen Credit button appears when you log in. Log in to your account and click “Lost or Stolen Credit Card.” The website advises you to deactivate the cards immediately by calling the helplines. To ban the card, call the numbers listed and speak to a customer care representative.

How to block HSBC credit card via mobile banking

HSBC’s mobile app is also inaccessible. Use the HSBC Mobile Banking App to deactivate the Credit Card. Again, you must contact customer service to stop the HSBC Card, so have the numbers accessible for emergencies.

There are several ways to disable your HSBC Card. You may also call customer care for an HSBC Card replacement. Everything else is consistent, just the number changes. Call the HSBC Helpline for further information, and don’t share your card or personal details.

Resident CustomersFrom OverseasWithin India
HSBC Advance Personal Banking /Credit Cards+91-40-61268002+91-80-718980021800 267 34561 800 121 2208
HSBC Premier (This is a toll-Free number)+91-40-61268001+91-80-718980011800 266 34561 800 120 4722
Business Banking+91-040-61268010+91-040-71898010+91-080-61268010+91-080-718980101800 123 26661800 419 2288
Corporate Cards (Toll Free)+91-080-49089633+91-040-671734031800 419 22661800 102 6922
Retail Business Banking (RBB)+91-022-503235331800 120 2210
Retail Business Banking (RBB)+91-40-61268004+91-80-718980041800 419 54001800 123 2979

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