Block HDFC Credit Card, How to Block HDFC Credit Card?

How to Stop Your HDFC Credit Card: If your HDFC credit card has been lost or stolen, you can easily suspend or deactivate it by contacting HDFC Bank’s customer service.

How to Block HDFC Credit Card

How To Deactivate/Block a Credit Card Online: If you have lost or had your HDFC Bank Credit Card stolen, you can place a fraud alert or revoke it by calling our Phone Banking numbers, disabling it online through Net Banking, or visiting an HDFC branch.

Block Your HDFC Credit Card Utilising Internet Banking

Follow these steps to disable your credit card using Internet Banking.

  1. Log into your NetBanking account.
  2. Navigate to the credit card menu and select the one you wish to block.
  3. You will see an inventory of your enrolled credit cards under NetBanking.
  4. Select the number of the credit card
  5. Select the reason for the credit card’s placement on the watchlist.
  6. Similarly, you can also reissue a card.

Contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at 1860-267-6161 

PhoneBanking-Based HDFC Credit Card Blocking

This is how to deactivate or block your HDFC Bank credit card through PhoneBanking.

  1. Ensure that your Telephone Identification Number (TIN) is valid.
  2. The bank will give you this number, typically four digits, to access phone banking services.
  3. Ensure that you adhere to all instructions after the TIN has been validated.

You can cancel your HDFC credit card by visiting a bank branch.

  1. Obtain an application form.
  2. Visit a branch of HDFC Bank and submit the required form for processing.

How to Release Your HDFC Credit Card Block

To request the unblocking of a credit card, contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at 1860-267-6161. The official website of HDFC provides the telephone numbers for the Customer Service centres in various cities.

If your bank has disabled your card due to excessive spending or unresolved debts, you can have it unblocked. If your credit card was stolen or lost, do not attempt to deactivate it.


How do I pay my HDFC credit card bill if my card has been blocked?

At a time when your credit card is blocked, you can still make payments through a check, cash, or demand draft deposit at a branch of HDFC Bank.

How do I permanently deactivate my HDFC credit card online?

Download the Form for Credit Card Cancellation from the website. Visit and complete the application. Send this letter to the Manager, HDFC Bank Credit Cards, PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041, once you have completed it.

Can I temporarily disable my HDFC credit card?

Yes, this function allows you to restrict and unblock the credit card temporarily. Go to your account on the net banking website for your HDFC credit card and select the ‘Manage Card’ section.

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