BOI ATM Block Number, Bank of India Debit Card Block Number

Block Bank of India ATM Card: The Bank of India is a renowned bank that does business in India. You may benefit from several of their banking advantages after you create an account with them. Financial services such as online and mobile banking, etc. One of such elements is an ATM card or debit card. The way we withdraw money from our bank accounts has altered thanks to ATM cards. We only need to locate an ATM, and we’re set to go.

BOI ATM Block Number,

But, it might be quite risky if we lose or misplace our ATM card. For instance, if your card is misplaced and falls into the wrong hands, it may be used inappropriately. And for this reason, you should instantly block your card as soon as you can.

Bank of India Debit Card Block Number

How to Block an ATM Card from Bank of India Let’s begin this instruction by checking out the steps to ban a Bank of India ATM card. The two techniques I was referring to are listed below.

What is the BOI Helpline Number for ATM card blocking? To disable your Bank of India ATM card, call the toll-free hotline number 1800-425-1112.

  • Blocking the card by calling customer care.
  • And blocking the card by visiting the home branch.


How to Block Bank of India ATM card by Calling Customer Care?

  • You must first phone the bank’s customer service department at 1800 22 0229, which is a toll-free number.
  • Using the IVR call options, you can block your card. However if you run into any problems, connect your call to their customer service representative.
  • Inform them that you misplaced your card and that you want to block it.
  • They will enquire about a few things, such as your name, account number, and the number on your ATM card.
  • They will block your card after you have correctly answered all the questions.

How to Block Bank of India ATM card by visiting the Home Branch?

  • To manage your account, go to your home branch, which is the Bank of India location where you started it.
  • Inform the bank’s staff that you misplaced your ATM card and that you wish to block it.
  • Just as with customer service, they will only ask for a few data from you.
  • Give them the information, and they’ll block your card.

These are the two techniques you may use to Block your Bank of India ATM card. I hope the above-mentioned steps are understandable to you.

You can leave a remark below if you have any questions of any type. However to prevent card fraud, be careful to Block your as soon as you can.

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