PSB ATM Block, How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Card, PSB Debit Card Block Number

PNB Debit Card Blocking, In the event of a loss, theft, or breach of information, the Punjab National Bank provides a comprehensive list of methods for quickly blocking your ATM card. PNB users can block their cards via net banking, SMS, phone calls to the customer service unit, or in-person visits to their local branch office.


PNB Customer Care Number, Customers of Punjab National Bank can also ban their PNB ATM card by calling the customer service lines provided below:

PSB ATM Block Number

psb atm block how to block punjab sind bank atm card

PSB ATM कार्ड ब्लॉक संख्या

  • Toll-free number for Punjab National Bank: 1800-180-2222 or 1800 103 2222
  • Helpline number for Punjab National Bank: 0120-2490000
  • Call the ATM switch directly at 011-23319972.

When you call any of these lines, you will be welcomed by a PNB customer service representative. Give this executive the details of your PNB Debit card and answer the questions to authenticate your account. If you provide accurate replies, the executive will assist you in immediately disabling your debit card. You would then receive a confirmation SMS on your registered cellphone number verifying the card’s blocking.

Using the SMS Technique, Customers of Punjab National Bank can easily disable their ATM cards via the SMS service. To use this service, a customer’s phone number must be registered with the bank.

To disable the PNB ATM card, send an SMS to the number 5607040 with the text “Hot space Card Number” (for example HOT 5726540000000012). After the bank gets the communication, it will block the customer’s debit card and notify him/her of the action.

Via PNB Online Net Banking, a PNB client can quickly block the PNB ATM Card via net banking if he or she has an active internet banking account and knows the current login and password. The following are the steps to blocking the card:

Log in to the official website of PSB Bank. at

  1. Personal banking may be accessed by clicking on the link.
  2. Log in using your Punjab National Bank username and password on the new page.
  3. Choose your language and then click the “sign in” button.
  4. A new page will be added. A “value added services” button will appear on the top bar of your screen. Choose this button.
  5. The button displays a drop down menu with several possibilities. Choose the “debit card hotlisting” option.
  6. Then, choose the individual bank account connection connected with the ATM card you want to prohibit (in case you have more than one account with the Punjab National Bank).
  7. After selecting the right account, click the “proceed” option.
  8. Verify your registered cellphone number for a one-time password (OTP) given by the bank.
  9. Type in the OTP in the appropriate field and click the “confirm” button.
  10. A notification will appear informing you that your Punjab National Bank ATM card has been disabled.

Personal Visit to a PNB Branch, If you are unable to stop your ATM card by online banking, SMS, or customer service, you must visit the bank branch in person with your account information and request that the authorities disable the ATM debit card for you.


How do you unblock an incorrect ATM card?

  • For whatever reason, you may unintentionally disable an ATM card. This might be because you have many PNB accounts and accidentally blocked the wrong one, or because you banned an ATM card in a rush because you couldn’t find it and subsequently discovered it safe inside your personal things. In these cases, you may quickly unblock and reactivate the card by logging into your online banking account or calling the Punjab National Bank customer service department.

Is there any repercussions for blocking my card?

  • No, there are no consequences to disabling your Punjab National Bank ATM card.

What happens next once the Punjab National Bank debit card is blocked?

  • After successfully blocking your Punjab National Bank account, the next step is to get a new ATM debit card from the bank. You can make this request using your online banking account or by visiting the Punjab National Bank branch where you have your account.

Should I immediately close my Punjab National Bank account if I discover money missing from it?

  • No, wait before attempting to block your account. If you discover that money has gone missing from your PNB account, thoroughly examine your bank statement to determine where the money has been debited from your account. If you are certain that this money was not transacted by you, notify the bank immediately and urge that the authorities examine the case. If you suspect that this nameless transaction is a consequence of your card data duplicated or falsified, then immediately go for blocking your card. After successfully blocking your card, you can request that the bank offer you a new ATM card of your choosing.

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