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Patta Chitta 2025: View Patta Chitta, Tamil Nadu Land Records @, A Chitta comprises information regarding the area, size, and ownership of the property, whereas a Patta is a record of a piece of land’s revenue. From 2015, Patta Chitta, a single document that contains all of these land records for Tamil Nadu, has replaced both of these papers.

Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta – You can view the details of your patta chitta, a copy of the strap, a map, and other land records online. Every state has made its land records online and accessible to the general public. Each state has a different name for land records. Land records in Tamil Nadu are known as PattaChitta. It may be found on the e-Services portal for Tamilnadu.

Patta Chitta Online 2025


TN Land Records A Patta Chitta is what? In the state of Tamil Nadu, a patta chitta is used as a land record document. It includes ownership and land information. Chitta is no longer distributed by the Tamil Nadu government. The Path contained all the necessary land information, and the Patta and the Chitta were combined into one document.

How to Get Patta Chitta Information Visit the Patta Chitta (e-services) Portal website. Users should, first and foremost, visit the Tamil Nadu government’s webpage for land information. It provides instant access to patta chitta, land survey records, copies of straps, application statuses, and other land records.

Official website of Patta Chitta (e-Services) Tamil Nadu

Go to e-Servies Homepage > View Patta/Chitta Details Page –

Step 1 – Enter Land Details –

Choose your District, Circle, and Village after arriving at the See Patta Online Chitta webpage. The next three options are for you to view your patta/chitta.

  1. Strap Number
  2. Survey Number
  3. Name Wise Search

Depending on the information you have, choose any choice. Next, enter the authorization value, and then press the “Submit” button.

Step 2 – View Patta Chitta Online Details –

The details of your Patta Chitta will finally appear on the screen. To save it as a pdf file, click the Print option.


Check Patta Chitta by Reference Number

If you have a Reference Number, you can check Patta/details Chitta, without entering any other information. Just type in your reference number and press the “Submit” button.


Process to View Copy of Strap

Enter your application number and authorization value, then click the Submit button to view a copy of the strap.


After that, your Copy of the Strap will display on the screen.

Process Check Application Status

Enter your application number and authorization value, then click the Submit button to check the status of your application.


After that, your Application Status will display on the screen.

Patta Chitta (e-Services) Contact Details – Helpline Number

Land Survey and Land Tax Commission
No.1, Survey House, Kamaraj Road,
Chepauk, Chennai – 600005.
Phone: 044-28591662
Email: dir-sur[at]tn[dot]nic[dot]in

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