Dharani Portal Telangana 2024 Land Records Online

If you reside in Telangana, you can quickly review the steps involved in acquiring your land records online. The Department of Land Records and the Telangana State Government together developed the Dharani Portal.


How to Use the TS Dharani Portal to Get Land Information Go to the TS Dharani Official Website. You must first go to Telangana Dharani’s official land records website. Land Information, Cadastral Maps, Mutation, and other land services are available online through the TS Dharani portal.

Dharani Portal TS Land Records Online

Official website of TS Dharani – Telangana

Step 1 – Enter Land Details –

You can look for your Dharani TS Land Information using either your Pattadar Passbook Number or your Survey No./Sub-Division No. Depending on the information you have, choose any one choice.


Click on the Fetch button after choosing your District, Mandal, Village, and Survey No./Sub-Division No.

Step 2 – View Land Details –

As a result, Dharani Land Information will appear on your screen. You may now confirm the specifics of any piece of land.


For Citizen Services, the Registration & Login Procedure On the TS Dharani Portal, login and registration are required. There aren’t many services you can use without signing up and logging in. Go to Dharani Citizen Page – dharani.telangana.gov.in/Citizen

Click the Sign-Up button if you are a NEW USER. Entering your name and mobile number is the next step. Clicking Receive OTP and entering your mobile phone’s OTP to validate it is the next step. Finally, solving the captcha and clicking Validate & Register are the final two steps.


Following that, a password will be sent to your mobile device. Create a new password for Dharani TS Portal login using this Temporary Password right now.


To log in to the TS Dharani Portal, use your mobile number and your newly created password.

Process of Registration of Sale/Gift of Land

Go to Dharani Homepage > Registration of (Sale/Gift) Page – dharani.telangana.gov.in/RegistrationofSaleGiftMessage

To file a land sale registration Click the Fetch button after choosing your Nature of Deed, Nature of Sub Deed, and PPB Number.


You then completed the following fields in your application.

  1. Property Details
  2. Seller/Donor Details
  3. Buyer/Donee Details
  4. Consenting Party Details
  5. Payment

Input the aforementioned information and pay for your application. You will receive a receipt after paying. For further processing, you may utilise this receipt and the Application No.

Process to Search EC (Encumbrance Certificate)

Go to Dharani Homepage > Search EC Details Page – dharani.telangana.gov.in/ECDetMessage

Click the Search EC Details button after selecting your District, Mandal, Village, Survey No./Sub-Division No., and Khata Number in order to obtain a TS Encumbrance Certificate.


As a result, Encumbrance Information will appear on your screen. It can be saved by selecting the PDF icon.


Process to Check Cadastral Maps

Your Cadastral Maps for Viewing (Dharani Land Map) You can either zoom in on your land area OR choose your district, division, mandal, and village maps.


Click on the land survey number now. The Parcel Info Tab contains information about that land. Locate your land by selecting the Layers option.


Process to Get Certified Copies of Documents

Note –

  • Through the Dharani Portal, Certified Copies are not available.
  • After paying fees and providing the necessary information, MeeSeva will provide you with certified copies of your documents.
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