Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, View Land Record Jharkhand Online

Jharbhoomi 2024 (Jharkhand) – Online access to your Khata, Register II, Khata, and other land information, Jharkhand’s Revenue Department maintains an online portal called Jharbhoomi Land Record Jharkhand, which provides online land records. The Jharbhoomi portal has made it simple to search for land record information in Jharkhand.


(Jharkhand Land Record)
ForApna Khata, Khesra Details, Register || For
Launched byGovernment of Jharkhand
Managed byRevenue, Registration and Land Reforms Department

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024

You must provide different information, whatever land information you have, for the above options, and you can select the option based on the information you want to find.

झारभूमि झारखंड 2024 – लैंड रेकॉर्ड झारखंड ऑनलाइन देखे

Check your account and Khasra/Khatauni information using the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand portal. You can account, khesra, and register with this, and you will be able to do so for other land works as well.

How do you access your Khata, Register-II, Panji-II Khesra, and Khatian on the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal?

Go to the official Jharbhoomi portal at https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, View Land Record Jharkhand Online

Jharbhoomi 2024, 

  • Go to Jharbhoomi Homepage >

Page – jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in

  1. Step 1 – Select Land Records –
  • View your account  ✔
  • See Register-II
  • View Khata & Register-II
  • Register-II Khesra wise details
  • See full description of Khesra

After visiting the authorised Jharbhumi portal, select what you want from the above Jharkhand land record. You can select Land Records based on the information about the land you own.

As an example, we’ll look at how to access our account on the Jhar Bhoomi portal. The process of viewing all Land Records is nearly identical; we simply fill out different information and receive different results.

Step 2 – Select District –

When you click View your account, a map of Jharkhand will appear. You select the district in which your property is located.

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, View Land Record Jharkhand Online
Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, View Land Record Jharkhand Online

Step 3 – Select Achal (City) –

After selecting the district, the map of that district’s achal will appear; now you must select the achal where your land is located.

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, View Land Record Jharkhand Online
Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, View Land Record Jharkhand Online

Step 4 – Fill the information and choose the option –

After selecting the district and zone, you must select the light and land type. You must select your light from the list; if you do not know your light, you can find out by clicking on the blue I button. Following that, select the type of land.

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024,
Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024,

You will be given some options for finding Apna Khata based on whatever information you have about the land; select an option and fill out the required information. The search options are listed below.

  1. View all accounts of Mouza by name
  2. View all accounts of Mauza according to Khesra number
  3. View by account number
  4. View by account holder name

After you’ve chosen an option and entered your information, Click Search Account.

Step 5 – Find your record –

Based on the information you entered, a list of records (Land Records) will appear on the screen; you must identify your record and click on the button next to it.

Step 6 – See the Land Record –

Finally, your Bhumi Jankari Jharkhand (Bhulekh Jharkhand) will arrive, containing detailed information about the land. You can also print a copy by clicking on the print button.

How do I Create a New Account on The Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal?

You must register for some services on the Jharbhoomi portal, such as Mutation and Ameen, but you can use other services without registering.

Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Online Application > Registration

To register, select this service online application. Fill in your personal information and address information here, then click the Register Now button.

How do I access the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand portal?

If you are an existing Jharbhoomi Portal user, enter your Username and Password to login.

  • Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Online Application

Page – jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/Operator/UserLogin

To login, enter your email address and password, followed by the captcha code, and then click the Login button. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the Reset Password button to generate a new one.

How to Apply for Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Online (Mutation)?

  • Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Online Application

Page – jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/Operater/UserLogin

Step 1 – Registration/Login –

To apply online, you must first register by entering your Personal Information and Address Information. After that, log in with your User ID and Password.

After logging in to Dashboard, you will see three options in front of you.

  • Online Application >
    • Online Mutation ✔
    • DCLR Appeal
    • Land Demarcation

Choose your district and tehsil, then the option for which you wish to apply. For example, we have selected the online mutation option.

Step 2 – Fill the information –

The Mutation Application will now open, and you must enter the information given in front.

  1. Applicant Details
  2. Buyer Details
  3. Seller Details
  4. Plot Details
  5. Upload Document

After filling out all of the above information, submit your application. Your application has now been received.

Step 3 – Get Receipt –

After that, click Get Receipt to view the information and receipt for your application.

You will receive the receipt and will be able to use the information contained within it to determine the status of your application.

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand: How to Check the Status of Mutation and Land Demarcation Applications?

  • Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Application Status
  1. Page – jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/ApplicationStatus

Select your district and tehsil from the map after clicking on the application status. After that, select either Mutation or Land Demarcation. Now select the year session and provide information about the synonym to be searched, then click the Search button.

Finally, the status of the application will be displayed on the screen.

How to See Bhu Naksha in Jharbhoomi Jharkhand?

Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Land Map

Page – jharbhunaksha.jharkhand.gov.in

To view the Jharkhand state land map, go to this website Jharbhunaksha. This website was created to provide a land map, i.e. Bhu Naksha.

Official website of Jharbhunaksha Jharkhand

When you arrive at the Jharbhunaksha portal, select the location of your land from the list. Later, you will see the information for the selected location in Plot Info, as well as a preview of the map; here, you must check this information and click on the Map Report button.

The selected plot’s map and other information will be displayed in the Map Report. Select the report and then click the Show Report PDF button.

Finally, you can download your Bhu Naksha in pdf format or print it.

Jharbhoomi Jharkhand: How to View Land Bank Details?

  • Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Land Bank

Page – jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/NewlandBank

The classification of all Jharkhand state districts related to land can be found in the details of the land bank. When you arrive at the land bank page, you will notice two options below the Summary of Land Bank. Click on the language you understand, Hindi or English.

After that, district-wise land bank details will appear in front of you; to download the details, click on the pdf icon next to your district.

Online Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Land Revenue

You can now get online services for your land revenue in Jharbhoomi, Jharkhand.

How do I pay my land rent online and check the register II, arrears, and past payments?

Go to Jharbhoomi  Homepage > Online Lagan

Page – jharbhulagan.jharkhand.gov.in

Whether you want to pay land revenue online or register ||, whether you have arrears or previous payments, the process is the same, so let’s look at how to pay land revenue online.

Step 1 – Find and Select –

You must first select your district, circle, halka, and mouza, after which you will be presented with a variety of options for registering yourself. You can find the account details by selecting any of the options and entering the information, then entering the security code and clicking the search button.

Later, a list of all the details of the selected location will appear in front of you; from there, click on the view button next to your information.

Step 2 – Check the details –

The details of Panji II, plot, and rent will appear in front of you; review the information and click the button to see the balance.

Step 3 – View the total outstanding amount –

The total outstanding amount and other information will now be displayed in front of you; to pay this amount, click on the Pay Online button.

Step 4 – Make Payment –

Finally, check the payment details and make a payment by clicking on this button, and then pay your land tax online.

How to check payment status?

Navigate to the Jharbhoomi Homepage > Online Lagan > Check the Payment Status

If you made an online payment and are having issues, you can check the status of your payment. Enter the Transaction ID and click the Verify button.

Jharbhoomi Contact Details – Helpline Number

Department of Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms
Government of Jharkhand
Contact No – +91 0651-2446066

Email : dolrjh[at]gmail[dot]com
Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024,
View Land Record Jharkhand Online
Visit Jharbhoomi Portal ->
Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2024, Visit Homepage –>https://www.edpost.in/

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