AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 (IORA) Anyror Gujarat: Bhulekh Naksha 7/12 Map Gujarat, Urban/Rural Land Record

Gujarat Revenue Department really launched the land information web Anyror Gujarat. This website’s main objective is to give you access to information about your land, the name of the owner, and other details via 7/12 Utara.


How to Check 7/12 Utara or Gujarat Land Records Visit AnyRoR Anywhere Official Portal Property Search, Digitally Signed RoR, View Urban/Rural Land Record, and Other Land Records Launched by Government of Gujarat Managed by Revenue Department, Govt of Gujarat Official web Portal at

Anyror Gujarat: Bhulekh Naksha 2024

To look for rural and urban land records, property cards, digitally signed RoRs, and other land records in Gujarat, you must utilise the Anyror official webpage.

AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 (IORA) Anyror Gujarat: Bhulekh Naksha 7/12 Map Gujarat, Urban/Rural Land Record
Official website of Anyror Anywhere Gujarat

Choose the Land Records option.

You have a number of choices for your land record. Based on the type of land record you require and the location of your property, select the appropriate choice. We are looking into every possibility for land records.

View Land Record – Rural

  • Rural Land Records Types >>

(Rural land records contain the following land records.)

  • e-Chavdi
  • Old Scanned VF-7/12 Details
  • Old Scanned VF-6 Entry Details
  • VF-7 Survey No Details
  • VF-8A Khata Details
  • VF-6 Entry Details
  • 135-D Notice for Mutation
  • New Survey No from Old for Promulgated Village
  • Entry List By Month-Year
  • Integrated Survey No Details
  • Revenue Case Details
  • Know Khata by Owner Name
  • Know Survey No Details by UPIN
  1. Go to AnyRoR Homepage > View Land Record – Rural
  2. Page –

If you reside in a rural area or if you need the records mentioned above, which are available in rural land records, you must go to the Rural land record website.

Step 1 – Select Record and Enter Details –

Choose the necessary land record first. The website will prompt you to enter various details based on your pick. For demo reasons, we’ll verify the Old VF-7/12 Details.

Click the Obtain Record Detail button after selecting the District, Taluka, Village, and Survey No. from the list and correctly entering the captcha code.

Step 2 – View Rural Land Record –

Thus, you’ll get the Old VF-7/12 list from that particular Survey No. From this list, choose your record, then click the See PDF option.

Eventually, your Vintage VF-7/12 will show up on your screen. You will find land information in this Old VF-7/12 Extract.

View Land Record – Urban

  • Urban Land Records Types >>

Urban land records contain the following land records.

  • Survey No. Details
  • Nondh No. Details
  • 135-D Notice Details
  • Know Survey No. by Owner Name
  • Entry List by Month-Year
  • Know Survey No. Details by UPIN

Go to AnyRoR Homepage > View Land Record – Urban

Page –

You must visit the Urban land record homepage if you live in an urban area or if you require the records listed above, which are contained in urban land records.

Step 1 – Select Record and Enter Details –

Choose the kind of property card you wish to utilise first: 1) Property Card OR 2) Unit Property Card are shown below. Then, decide which land record you want. Survey No. Details are being chosen for demonstration purposes.

Provide the information requested now to get your survey number. District, city survey office, ward, survey number, and sheet number are only a few examples of the data. Click Obtain Record Detail after you have correctly entered the captcha.

See the Urban Land Record in Step 2

Finally, your survey number details will appear on the screen. The following facts are provided in this Property Card: Land Details, Property Tax Details, Electricity Dues Details, Sub-Registrar Deed Details, Revenue Case Details, and Jantri Details.

Property Search

You should be aware that your Property can be searched using three different techniques. Choose any choice based on the facts you know.

  1. Property Wise
  2. Name Wise
  3. Document No-Year Wise

Step 1 – Select Method and Enter Details –

You must enter your applicant and land data after choosing the search technique.

On your mobile number, you will receive an OTP. Put in that OTP and select Obtain Record Detail.

See Property Information in Step 2

Hence, your property details will appear on screen. Now you may verify ownership details, information on the land, and other property details.

Digitally Signed RoR

  • Available Digitally Signed RoR >>

(You can search the following digitally signed ror.)

  • ગામ નમૂના નં. ७
  • ગામ નમૂના નં. १२
  • ગામ નમૂના નં. ८ એ
  • ગામ નમૂના નં. ६
  • જુના ગામ નમૂના નં. ६

Go to AnyRoR Homepage > Digitally Signed RoR

Because the RoR is digitally signed, it can be used for any official function. You can get this RoR by following the procedures indicated below.

Step 1 – Login –

You must log in manually by entering your mobile number in order to receive a digitally signed RoR. OTP will be sent to your phone number. To log in, enter that otp.

Step 2 – Select/ADD Record –

After choosing a district, taluka, village, and survey number, select any land record to add to. After that, click the Proceed to Payment option after previewing your chosen land record and land details.

Step 3 – Pay Fees and Download RoR –

Each replica of a RoR that has been digitally signed costs just Rs 5. Click the Pay Amount button to send money. Once your payment has been received, you can obtain your digitally signed RoR.

AnyRoR Contact Details – Helpline Number

Revenue Department
Block no-11, New Sachivalay,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India)
+91 79 23251501
+91 79 23251507
AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 (IORA) Anyror Gujarat:
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