Jamabandi Punjab Land Records Online 2024 (PLRS Fard)

Jamabandi Punjab (PLRS Punjab) Jamabandi Nakal (Fard Online) and Other Land Records Government of Punjab Revenue Department of Punjab, The land records website for the Punjab State is called Jamabandi Punjab (PLRS). The Jamabandi (PLRS Fard) website main goal is to make property records accessible online so that all Fard Punjab residents can access their Jamabandi data. Jamabandi Punjab 2024: Check Punjab Land Records Online @ jamabandi.punjab.gov.in I PLRS (Punjab Land Record Society)


Describe Jamabandi. A legal document known as a jamabandi serves as a land record. It includes details on who is the land’s owner, the type of land it is, how big it is, and other details. Land records are called by a different name in each state, but in Punjab and Haryana they are referred to as Jamabandi.

Jamabandi Punjab 2024

Describe Fard. A home buyer will have a sale deed as proof of ownership, whereas a landowner will have Jamabandi records. The documents are collectively referred to as “fard” documents.

Jamabandi Punjab Land Records

Visit the Official Jamabandi Site to Verify Jamabandi Punjab Online. You must first visit the Jamabandi official online portal of the Punjab state. Via this website, you can access online resources for Jamabandi Nakal, Fard Kander, Roznamcha, Mutation, Cadastral Maps, Nakal Verification, and other land records.

Official Website of Jamabandi (PLRS) – Punjab

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Jamabandi > Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Jamabandi.aspx

  1. Owner Name Wise
  2. Khewat No. Wise
  3. Khasra No. Wise
  4. Khatouni No. Wise

Step 1 – Select Region –

By selecting your District, Tahsil, Village, and Year, you can choose your land site in the first stage. Click the Set Region button after providing this information.


Step 2 – Choose Search Option –

In this portal, you have four options for searching your Nakal. Select any choice from the following list based on the information you have.

  1. Owner Name Wise
  2. Khewat No. Wise
  3. Khasra No. Wise
  4. Khatouni No. Wise

Step 3 – Select your Khasra/Khatouni/Khewat/Owner-Name –

Your khasra number must now be chosen from the list. You must pick those specifics if you chose a different search option in the previous step. Complete the Captcha, then select See Report.


Step 4 – View Jamabandi Nakal –

Finally, the Jamabandi Nakal will appear on your screen. You have the choice to print it out or download it as a pdf file.

Jamabandi Nakal

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Chek Mutation Report

With a mutation number, you may search your mutation. Choose your mutation number from the list on the Mutation Search Page, enter the captcha, and then click the See Report button.

Mutation Report

Next, your screen will display the details of your mutation report.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Check Roznamcha

  • Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Roznamcha >
  • Rapat No. Wise
  • Waqiati No. Wise

While looking for your Roznamcha Nakal online, you have two possibilities. Depending on the information you have, choose any choice.


After choosing the year for your Roznamcha Nakal, enter either your Rapat No. OR Waqiati No. and then click the See Report button, depending on which option you chose.


Finally, Roznamcha Nakal will appear on your screen. You may now either print it or save it as a pdf file.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process of Mutation After Registry

Simply choose your District, Tehsil, and Village to start your Mutation After Registry search. From there, you have two alternatives. Vaseeka Number-wise, first 2) Click the Search button after choosing anyone based on their mutation number.


Finally, you will receive a list of mutation requests, the Mutation Details, Vaseeka’s phone number, and the Transaction Number.


How to Place an Online Request for Fard (Certified Copy)?

Via the Jamabandi Punjab Portal, you can request a fard (certified copy). Pick anyone you know from the following 4 options when searching for it.

  1. Owner Name Wise
  2. Khewat No. Weise
  3. Khasra No. Wise
  4. Khatouni No. Wise

For demonstration purposes, we have chosen Khasra No. After entering your Khasra Number and Captcha, click the View Report button.


As a result, your Fard will appear on your screen, but you can download and print it for informational purposes only.

The website will ask you if you want to apply for Certified Copy above your fare, and you must click the Yes button.


Before Making a Fard Request (Certified Copy) Read all of the instructions before entering your information. Fard can be requested via email or courier. Once you’ve completed the form, click the Submit button.

Email – Maximum time of Delivery= 3 Days
Courier – Maximum time of Delivery = 7 Days

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Track Fard Request Status

If you just ordered a fard, you can check the status of it online. Just enter your Request ID and hit the Search button to keep track of your status.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Search for Court Case

Choose your district, tehsil, and village, then enter your khewat number and khasra number, and then click the Search button to search court cases online. Court Case Information will show up on your screen as a search result.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Register Property Tax

To File Taxes Click the Search button after choosing your location and entering your property ID or registration number.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Search Registry Deed

For Registry Deed Search You can search by seller/buyer name, Khewat number, registration number, and registration date after choosing your district and tehsil. Choose the Search button after selecting a single option.

On your screen, Registry Deed Information will show up. To view your registry details, locate them and click the View button.


The information of your Registry Deed will be shown in a PDF file that you can download OR print.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Check Cadastral Map

Your cadastral map can be searched by village wise. The Cadastral Map will then appear on your screen when you choose your Land Location.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process of Nakal Verification

Simply choose your district, tehsil, and dates before pressing the “Check Nakal” button to verify the Nakal.


Lastly, you will receive the Nakal list for the time and place you selected. You can now validate your Nakal.

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Check Water/Sewerage Connection Status

You must first choose ULB, then click on either the Water Connection Detail OR the Sewerage Connection Detail option to view your water and sewer connection details.


You’ll then be taken to a specific page where you can check the status online.

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Submit Feedback

You can discuss your Jamabandi Haryana Portal usage experiences. Simply enter the information and press the “Submit” button. Your suggestions will aid in the enhancement of the Jamabandi Haryana portal.


Jamabandi Punjab: Process for Correction in Record

You can seek an online correction if you discover any errors in your land record. Please enter your information and press the submit button.


Jamabandi Punjab Contact Details – Helpline Number

Address: Room No.3, Floor-4, Punjab Civil
Secretariat, Sector-1, Chandigarh-160001,
Contact No: 0172-2742242, 2748469
E-mail: revenuecommissionpb@gmail.com
Jamabandi Punjab 2024: Check Punjab Land Records Online @ jamabandi.punjab.gov.in I PLRS (Punjab Land Record Society) Visit Jamabandi (PLRS) –>jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
Visit Homepage –>edpost.in

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