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How to check the Jamabandi Nakal for Haryana at the NIC Citizens must visit the Jamabandi Haryana HALRIS website to access information on land records in that state. This is information on how residents of Jamabandi Haryana can get services like property registration, deed registration status, mutation, court cases, and other information. Download Haryana Land Records Online at jamabandi.nic.in, the Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Portal,


Check Jamabandi Nakal, Cadastral Map, Mutation, Urban-Rural Property Records, and Other Land Documents for Jamabandi in Haryana. The online land record Bhulekh Haryana Portal has made it considerably simpler to locate information about land and property records in Haryana.

Jamabandi Haryana

Jamabandi Haryana Nakal Jamabandi Haryana, Cadastral Map & Haryana Land Records Government of Haryana Revenue Department of Haryana Describe Jamabandi. In the states of Punjab and Haryana, a jamabandi is used to register land ownership. It includes details on who owns the land, how it is farmed, and how various land rights are currently faring. When a Patwari creates a Jamabandi and the Revenue Officer certifies it, it is updated every five years.

Jamabandi 2024

How to Use the Jamabandi Haryana Portal to Verify Nakal Visit the official website of Jamabandi Haryana. Start by visiting the main website of the Haryana Land Records Department. The state of Haryana Bhulekh’s official land record website, Jamabandi Haryana, offers online services for property/deed registration, Haryana Jamabandi Nakal, mutation, cadastral maps, and other land records.

Official Website of Jamabandi.nic.in Nakal Haryana Online homepage

Step 1 – Enter Nakal Details –

You have the following 4 Options to search your Jamabandi Nakal Haryana. Choose the option according to the details you have.

  1. By Owner Name
  2. By Khewat
  3. By Khasra/Survey No
  4. By Date of Mutation

Choose District, Tahsil, Village, and Jamabandi Year from the list after that.

Selecting Your Khasra in Step 2

Now Your Nakal Details will then show up on your screen after choosing your Khasra from the list. Just press the Nakal button.


Step 3 – View Your Jamabandi Nakal –

Your Jamabandi Nakal will then appear on your display in response. You will now have access to all available land information. Click the Take Print button if you wish to print this Nakal.


Jamabandi Haryana: Process to Check Cadastral Map

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Cadastral Maps > View Cadastral Maps Page – hsac.org.in/eodb

When you arrive at the See Cadastral Maps page, the Jamabandi Haryana Map will appear on your screen. Just click on your Khasra No. after zooming in on the area where your land is located.

After you click on your Khasra No., a popup displaying the Khasra Detail, Ownership, and Additional Land details will appear on your display.


Jamabandi Haryana: Property Registration >>

The Jamabandi Haryana portal is where you register your property. See the details about property registration below.

Book an Appointment for Deed Registration

To schedule a meeting for deed registration You must first enter your mobile number before clicking the Send OTP button. Once you have it, enter it and press the “Submit” button.


Step 1 – Select Appointment Type & Enter Deed Details –

Your choices are two. Make an appointment Tatkal appointments as well as regular appointments. then enter the subsequent information.

  1. Deed Type
  2. Location of Property
  3. Sub Location of Property
  4. Sub Deed
  5. District – Tehsil – Village

Once you Enter the above details click on the Next/आगे button.

Step 2 – Enter Property Details –

Now you have to search your property and then Add your Property Details.


Step 3 – Enter Party Details –

You then choose the Party Type and enter the subsequent personal information for both parties.

  1. Name
  2. Mobile
  3. Aaddhar Number
  4. Address

Click the Add Party button after entering the aforementioned information.

Step 4 – Book Appointment –

Next, choose the time, date, transaction amount, and email, after which click the “Book Appointment” button.


Check Deed Appointment Availability

The Jamabandi Haryana Portal allows you to check the availability of slots prior to scheduling an appointment for deed registration.


Documents Required for Deed Registration

Make sure you’ve completed the following checklist before submitting an application for deed registration.

1Proof of OwnershipFard of Jamabandi/Certified copy of original old sale deed/assessment of MC/Mutation.
2Identification of the PartiesRation Card/Voter card/Driving License/Aadhar card/Pan card/Identity card and ID proof of witness also.
3Registration of documents through the power of attorneyVerification of GPA from where it has been registered in case it has been registered out of state only.
4NOC required U/s 7(A)NOC from DTP is concerned if the area is notified U/s 7(A) of the HDRUA Act 1975.
5WitnessTwo witnesses of the parties along with ID proof.
6Map PlanMap plan and description of immovable property.
7In the case of building/plotDigital photograph of building/plot.
8In case of release deedMutation of Virasat for identification of the ancestral property.
Documents Required for Deed Registration

Deed Templates

The Jamabandi Haryana webpage has templates for your Deed Registration that you can use. These are available in both Hindi and English.

  • Sale
    • Agricultural Land
    • Urban Property
  • Mortgage
    • Without possession for Agricultural Land
    • Without possession for Plot/Flat
    • With possession for Plot/Flat
  • GPA
  • Transfer of Property
    • Agricultural land
    • House/Shop
    • Plot/House
    • Plot/House Lal Dora
    • HUDA
  • Lease
    • Agricultural Land
    • Plot/House
  • Release
    • Agricultural Land
  • Adoption
  • Redemption of Mortgage
    • Agricultural Land
    • Plot/House
  • Revocation of Power Attorney
    • GPA
  • Agreement
    • Agricultural Land
    • Plot/House
  • Exchange
  • Gift
  • Surrender of Lease
  • Rent

Encumbrance Certificate >

A certificate of encumbrance is basically a legal document that states whether or not a certain piece of property is free and clear of debts of any kind.

The actions listed below must be completed in order to apply for an encumbrance certificate.

  1. Login with your Mobile Number
  2. Enter User Details
  3. Add Property Details & Upload Nakal
  4. After Approval of the Encumbrance Certificate, you can download it

View Status for Encumbrance Certificate

You can check the status of your encumbrance certificate by entering your mobile number and OTP, following the instructions, and then clicking the “Check Status” button.


Jamabandi Haryana: All About Mutation >>

The term “mutation” refers to the changes that must be made to the land’s ownership and title.

View Mutation Orders

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Mutation > View Mutation Orders Page – jamabandi.nic.in/DSNakal/SearchMutationFileNew

Click the Submit button after choosing your Tehsil, Village, and Mutation Type, entering the details for the Mutation Number, Source Type, Mutation Date, and Captcha Code.


Check Mutation Status

By choosing the district and tehsil and entering the registry number and registry date, you can check your online mutation status. After entering this, select Search from the menu.


Mutation Status of Deeds

You can examine the status of your deeds’ mutation. just click the Search button after choosing your District, Tehsil, and Period.


Jamabandi Haryana: Check Revenue Case Status

After visiting the Haryana Revenue Court website, select See Case Status, fill out the form, and then press the Submit button.


You will thereafter be provided with information on the Revenue Case Status, including Case ID, Case Number, Case Year, Petitioner, Respondent, Next Date, Purpose, and Status.

Jamabandi Haryana Contact Details – Helpline Number

Call 1800-180-2137 for suggestions and complaints.
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