Delete Section Break in Word, How To Delete Section Break in Word

How to Remove a Section Break in Microsoft Word: The Microsoft Office work suite includes Microsoft Word, but you can buy it independently. Microsoft Word came out in 1983, and since then, it has been improved many times. Both Windows and Apple computers can use it. Word or MS Word are other names for Microsoft Word.

How To Delete Section Break in Word

Microsoft Word, or just “Word,” is the most widely used word editor. It came out in 1983, and they are still making it. Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office, but users can also get it as a separate program. Since 1983, Microsoft Word has had more and more features added to it. Both Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Macs can run Microsoft Word. People often call it Word or MS Word.

Microsoft Windows was getting more and more people to use it, which made Word more popular. The application was successful because it could match or beat the speed of WordPerfect, the most popular application at the time, and because it made it easier to use the GUI’s new style and text display features.

Word took over the market in the end, except for a few niche uses like law word processing. Microsoft Word’s most popular features include style sheets and templates that can be changed by the user, macros, and a lot of automated features, such as making a table of contents and index, marking revisions on documents that more than one person has changed, and correcting spelling and grammar as you type. WordPerfect is a program that lets you work with words.

Different ways exist to eliminate one or more section breaks in Microsoft Word. You must first show symbols or paragraph marks to delete a section break. Because it can be hard to get rid of section breaks, you may need to switch to a different view to pick and get rid of them. When removing section breaks, be careful because each section may have different borders, headers, footers, and page layout, and pulling a section break may change all of these settings.

The windows

  • Start Word and open your file.
  • Click on the tab Home.
  • Click the “Show/Hide” button beside the graph labels, tabs, spaces, and manual page breaks.
  • Click on the tab for Review.
  • Choose “Track Changes.”
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Track Changes.
  • On the Home tab, click Show/Hide in the Paragraph group if you need to show or hide a paragraph.
  • To choose the break, click it twice or move it over it.
  • To delete the break, press Backspace or Delete.


  • Start Word and open your file.
  • Click on the “Home” button.
  • In the Paragraph area, click the Show/Hide button.
  • Pick the section break you want to delete.
  • Use your keyboard to press the Delete key.

Microsoft Word is a word writing program that is most often used to make documents in different forms. Microsoft Word can make letters, projects, and even simple designs as a word editor. Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office software suite, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word Pad, Outlook, Publisher, and other programs. Microsoft Word is the most popular word-writing program, and you can use it on MACs and PCs.

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