Block RBL Bank Credit Card, How to Block RBL Credit Card

Close and block your RBL Bank Credit card. RBL Bank offers online and offline credit card management. You can ban your RBL card or terminate your credit card account when needed. Learn how to ban or close your RBL credit card.

Customers can stop transactions for lost or stolen RBL credit cards to avoid fraud. If they stop using it, they can deactivate their RBL credit card. Before making a decision, individuals must evaluate its repercussions. Learn how to block and close RBL Bank credit cards online and offline and how it affects your credit.

Here are some methods to end your RBL credit card account:

Contact Customer Service

Get help closing your RBL credit card account by calling 022-62327777 for credit cards and 022-71190900 for SuperCards. Call these numbers and provide the necessary information to verify your identification and cancel your credit card.

Via Email

Online email cancellation is available to RBL Bank credit cardholders. Send your name, date of birth, card number, and expiration date to for BFL SuperCards or for other RBL credit cards.

RBL Bank Branch Visit

Customers can visit RBL Bank and submit a written letter to cancel credit cards offline. Identity evidence and a diagonally cut credit card may also be required.

Here are online and physical ways to ban your RBL credit card:

Online banking

Log into RBL Net Banking and visit the credit card area. Credit card blocking is available there.

Use MyCard App

RBL MyCard app users can freeze their credit cards by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in with your MPIN.
  • Step 2: Access Card Settings.
  • Step 3: Select ‘Switch the card off’.

Customer Service Calling

Call 022-62327777 for RBL credit cards and 022-71190900 for SuperCards to reach the RBL Experience Center. Choose options 2 and 3 to disable their card after calling.

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