Block IndusInd Bank Credit Card, How to Block IndusInd Credit Card

Using SMS, IVR, or Net Banking, you may block an Indusind Bank credit card online. leading to the most well-liked blog for banking solutions. Nowadays, blocking a credit card online is not that challenging. In only a few minutes after finishing this blog page, you will have blocked your credit card. Let’s move on to the answer without spending any more time. There are several ways to block your credit card, depending on the bank’s capacity.

How to Block IndusInd Credit Card

To block your IndusInd Bank credit card, contact the IndusInd Credit Card Customer Care Number – 1860 267 7777. Customers outside India can use the following

credit card for IndusInd lost or blocked The IndusInd bank provides its credit card customers with a number of services, but one of the most helpful is the temporary blockage of the card at the cardholder’s request. In the event that the card is lost or stolen, this capability protects the cardholder. The IndusInd Bank Credit Card Protection Plan is a specialised group that works for the bank.

The cardholder can get in touch with CCP and ask them to temporarily halt all operational activities associated with the IndusInd credit card in order to ban it. By blocking IndusInd credit cards, you may stop all potential fraud transactions and protect your money and other sensitive data.

How to block a credit card:

  1. Send an SMS to block your credit card.
  2. Block your credit card by calling a toll-free number (IVR).
  3. By speaking with customer service, you can block your credit card.
  4. Use online banking to disable your credit card
  5. Visit the nearest branch to block your card.

Although not every bank offers all of these services, practically all banks do provide two of them. One is blocking your credit card using the IVR option by contacting your bank’s tool-free number and speaking with your bank’s customer service by calling the tool-free number.

Online blocking of Indusind Bank credit cards:

Call the toll-free hotline at (1860) 500-5004 to request that your credit card be blocked. Keep ready information such as your credit card number, pin number, bank account number, and customer ID handy before phoning customer care.

Using email

By mailing a letter to the addresses listed below, IndusInd Bank clients can ban their credit cards.

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