Block Canara Bank Credit Card, How to Block Canara Bank Credit Card

Put a hold on your credit card from Canara Bank. When a customer’s Canara Bank Credit Card is lost or stolen, the consumer can either block the card permanently or place a temporary hold on it until the card can be located. If the user’s credit card is blocked permanently, Canara Bank gives them the option to apply for a new credit card. If you contact Canara Bank and ask them to block your credit card, you can prevent any fraudulent activity from occurring with the credit card.

Canara Credit Card Customer Care Number, You can contact Canara Bank customer care on the bank’s toll-free numbers at  1800 425 00181800 103 00181800 208 3333,or1800 3011 3333

How to Place a Block on Your Canara Bank Credit Card and Apply for a Replacement: Place a Block on your Canara Bank Credit Card. When you have forgotten or lost your credit card, blocking it immediately is one of the most important things you can do. This step safeguards you from fraudulent activity on your account, which can result in a significant financial loss if it occurs. You have five options for immediately blocking your credit card through Canara Bank.

There are a few different ways you can freeze your Canara Bank credit card:

The five ways to disable your Canara Bank credit card are detailed below. Select any one of these options:

  • Through Canara Bank’s Internet Banking
  • Via the mobile banking application for Canara Bank
  • By using the Canara Bank Phone Banking system
  • By Utilizing the Canara Bank SMS Blocking System
  • By using Canara Bank, Going To The Physical Location Of The Bank Branch

Internet Banking:

Utilizing your bank’s online banking platform is the quickest and easiest way to suspend your credit card. On the Canara official website, you must enter your user ID and password to log in to your online banking account. You must log in to your account to disable your credit card and provide a reason. A notice will appear on your screen stating that the attempt to block your credit card was successful.

Application for Mobile Devices:

Downloading the Canara Mobile Banking application is the first step in getting started. After that, access your account by logging in using the user ID and password you use for online banking. Choose the services you want to ban from using your card from the app’s menu. Select one of your credit cards, put a block on it, and then describe the reason you’re doing so. You should see a pop-up notification on your smartphone screen stating, “Credit card successfully blocked.”

The Use of Phone Banking:

Customers of Canara Bank can also use the bank’s phone banking facility to relay any questions or concerns they have with their credit cards. If a cardholder loses their credit card, they can have it stopped using their phone banking service. Calling the bank at their toll-free number, 1800-425-0018, is the best way to contact them. The IVR machine will walk you through the necessary actions to prevent further use of your credit card.

Blocking SMS Messages:

Customers can block their credit cards by sending an SMS to 9266623333 with the following information: “CAN (space) HOTLiSTCC (space) Card Number (16 digit number) Date of Birth (Y/MM/DD)” You will get a notification on your registered mobile device letting you know that the card block was successful.

Branch of the Canara Bank:

Customers who want their credit cards banned can visit a bank branch. Complete the card blocking form, which you should be able to locate on the counter. We will immediately put a hold on your credit card when we get the completed form. You will get a confirmation message on the cellphone number that you have registered.

How do I obtain a Replacement Credit Card from Canara Bank?

Customers of Canara Bank can acquire a replacement credit card by contacting the bank’s customer service department. When your card is replaced, you will be responsible for paying a replacement cost equal to Rs. 50. The cardholder places a replacement card order with the bank by dialing the toll-free number 1800-425-0018. In order to replace your Canara Bank credit card, you will be asked to reveal specific information about your credit cards, including your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV.


What is the toll-free number for Canara Bank’s customer care department?

The number to call to speak with a customer care representative at Canara Bank is 1-800-425-0018.

Is it feasible to temporarily put a hold on using my Canara Bank credit card?

You may put a temporary hold on your credit card by logging into your online banking account, navigating to the “manage card” area, and then selecting that option.

Is there a fee associated with replacing a lost or stolen card?

Yes, Canara Bank will charge you Rs. 100 to replace your lost or stolen card.

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