Banglarbhumi, 2024 Online Khatian Check and Plot Information Online

You can now view the land information for your property on West Bengal’s internet platform, Banglarbhumi. Another name for this website is Bangla Bhumi. With only one click, West Bengal State residents will be able to confirm land records and other papers pertaining to their properties.


How to Verify the Plan and Khatian Details Visit the official Banglarbhumi website. Simply go to the official Banglar Bhumi website first. You can get online information on Khatian Plots, Mouzas, and other land records for West Bengal on this land record website.

Banglarbhumi 2024

Official website of Banglarbhumi – West Bengal (

Step 1 – Mouza Identification –

To double-check your plot and khatian information You can search for khatian and plot information after selecting your mouza by selecting your district, block, and mouza. 1) Plot No. 2, 2) Khatian No. Enter the captcha information after that, then click View.

Step 2 – View Khatian and Plot Information –

You can then view the plot and Khatian information. It includes the Khatian/Plot No., Owner Information, Total Land and Its Classification, and Other Land Information.

RecordContains Information
Khatian –>Khatian Number, Owner Name, Father/Husband Name,
Address Details, Total Land/Plot
Plot Information –>Plot Number, Land Classification, Owner Share, Share Area in Acres, Remark

Registration and Login Procedures

To sign up online if this is your first time using the service, click the Sign-Up button. If you are a previously registered user, log in.

You must fill out the Public Registration Form, which asks for the following details, in order to register.

  1. Personal Details
  2. Address Details
  3. Email & Mobile

After keying in the aforementioned information For login, create a password, fill out the captcha, and then click the submit button.

You’ve successfully registered on this portal as of right now. To log into this portal, enter your user name and password.

Process of Mutation Application

By supplying the following information, you can submit an online application for mutation.

  1. Applicant Description
  2. Particular of Transeferer
  3. List of Enclosures
  4. Processing Fee
  5. soP for Disposal of Mutation

After providing the above details, you will be issued an Application Number, and you will be required to Pay Fees for your application. The Application Number can be used to track your application.

Process to Check Mutation Status

You can monitor your Mutation Application using the options listed below. You can select any of the possibilities based on the knowledge you now possess.

  1. Case Wise Search
  2. Deed Wise Search
  3. Location Wise Search
  4. Seller Name Wise Search
  5. Buyer Name Wise Search

Choose the choice. To track your mutation application, fill out the form and press the Submit button.

You will learn more about your mutation application’s additional details as well as your mutation status.

Process of Conversion Application

Users can submit an online application for a land conversion by including the following information.

  1. Particulars of the Applicant
  2. List of Enclosures
  3. Processing Fee
  4. soP for disposal of Conversion

After submitting the aforementioned information, you will be prompted to make payment for your conversion application.

Process to Pay Fees for Mutation/Conversion Application

Choose your application request type, then input your application number and click the View button to pay your application fees online. You’ll learn more about the application and the fees.

Use one of the available payment methods to pay the fees online.

Process to Request of Reprint for Application and Receipt

Don’t get upset if you misplace your application or receipt or if you don’t find it right away. For your application or receipt, you can ask for a new printout.

Simply enter your application number and press the “Submit” button.

You will be able to Reprint your application and receipt after that.

Process to Check RS-LR Information

To complete Mouza Identification, choose District, Block, and Mouza. Finally, decide whether to use the plot number Sabek Dag or Hal Dag. Don’t forget to click the View button last.

You can now access your RS-LR landing details.

Process to View Land Classification

To acquire the specifics of land categorisation, just select your District.

Banglarbhumi Contact Details – Helpline Number

Director of Land Records and Survey,
35, Survey Building, Gopal Nagar Road,
Kolkata – 700027
Tel – 18003456600
Email – 2024
Online Khatian Check and Plot Information
Online Visit Banglarbhumi Portal –>
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