Tripura 6th Blueprint 2025, TBSE Board 6th Marking Scheme 2025, Tripura 6th Exam Pattern 2025,

is the Tripura 6th Blueprint 2022 Tripura State provided notification regarding the design of Blueprint to set for Exam 2022. According to the notice by Tripura Class 5 English Medium Blueprint, the design of Tripura Blueprint forthcoming board exams will be entirely based on the format of the latest Tripura Blueprint and not on the blueprint given in the Blueprint Specified by CBSE.

TBSE Board 6th Marking Scheme 2025, So, all the students & teachers should prepare according to the Tripura State Exam pattern followed in Tripura State Exams. However, for the content and stuff to be ready for board exams, students should strictly follow the Tripura Blueprint. Tripura Blueprint of all main subjects of Class 5 is available here. Students must carefully analyze the Blueprint to understand the course structure and various learning objectives prescribed by the board. While they start with the new chapters in the new session, they should first analyze the respective Blueprint to know the right chatters and topics which should be learned in this session. Also, they should prepare for their annual board examinations according to the weightage allotted to different topics in the Blueprint.

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