SBI Mini Statement, Get SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

How to Retrieve a Small Statement in SBI State Bank of India is one of the few banks in India that provides assistance and convenient services to both the corporate and rural populations. In this regard, SBI or State Bank of India represents itself as one of the most prominent bank chains in India, with branches in every part of the country and around the world.

SBI Mini Statement

Furthermore, the recent lineup of five related banks has elevated SBI or State Bank of India to one of the major banking sectors not only in India but also globally, ranking in the top 50 worldwide banks. State Bank of India has announced a new service called “SBI FAST,” which allows users to receive a mini-statement of their accounts on their registered mobile phones.

SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

There are various different techniques accessible to determine your account balance; in this post, we will attempt to examine all potential methods available as an alternative to obtain the SBI mini statement.

SBI मिस्ड कॉल, एसएमएस, एमपासबुक द्वारा मिनी स्टेटमेंट 2024

SBI Mini Statement, Get SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook

Then, turn on ‘SBI Quick.’

  • Clients must register for the service by sending an SMS from the mobile phone registered with the bank with the text “(REG Space> Account Number)” to “0922348888.”
  • The bank will give immediate support through SMS.
  • In the SMS received by the consumer, information such as bank records, overdraft, and cash/credit accounts will be delivered.
  • In addition to the mini statement account information, the SBI Quick enables customers manage other bank-related tasks, such as blocking their ATM card by sending an SMS- Blockspace>xxxxxx (XXXX represents the last four digit of the card number).

How to Get an SBI Mini Statement (Mini Statement):

  1. Clients may send the mini statement of financial records by SMS to the toll-free number ‘09223866666’. (last 5 transactions on the account). An immediate response through SMS will be delivered to the registered phone.
  2. Consumers can also phone the ‘09223766666’ number provided on the mini account statement.
SBI Mini Statement, Get SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, mPassbook
  1. A mini statement can also be created by using an ATM card; the transaction receipt obtained after using the card will include the mini account data.

Alternative options

Enquiries for various available services such as house loans, vehicle loans, and other relevant information may be made by sending an SMS with the keywords HELP, HOME, or CAR to ‘922358888’.

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