Meghalaya Forest Ranger Exam Question Paper 2024 PDF Download

Recruitment for the Meghalaya Forest Department Happy news for job seekers in Meghalaya Forest Department Recruitment: If you have a 10th or 12th grade diploma, you should be able to apply for the position of Meghalaya Forest Guard, or qualified individuals should apply in Meghalaya. The most recent announcement from the Meghalaya Forest Department includes the following information on the open positions: a published Forest Guard notice. You may view the announcement by visiting the official website at, where you can also submit an online application.

Meghalaya Forest Ranger Exam Question Paper

To learn the question format for the Meghalaya PSC Exam, candidates can practice previous years’ questions. It is a test with two levels. The Prelims Exam is administered online and lasts for four hours. While the questions in Paper II are based on the pertinent field, the questions in Paper I are focused on the subject of General Studies.

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