CBI Bank NEFT/RTGS Form PDF, Central Bank of India RTGS form / NEFT Form 2024, Download

The Central Bank of India’s RTGS system | How to complete the Central Bank of India’s RTGS form The Central Bank of India’s NEFT/RTGS payment system. Download the RTGS/NEFT Form from the Central Bank of India.

The Ministry of Finance of India owns the nationalized bank Central Bank of India. You must submit the RTGS/NEFT application form in order to send money immediately through any Central Bank of India branch.

Central Bank of India NEFT/RTGS form PDF

To transfer money between banks, you have to use the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)  or NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer) option. You can download the RTGS/NEFT transaction form in the PDF format below, take a printout and submit it to the branch so that you can save time.

How to Fill RTGS/NEFT form of the Central Bank of India

To transfer the money using RTGS/NEFT option, the remitter has to furnish the necessary details.ie; you have to fill in the details of the applicant and the beneficiary.

Central Bank of India RTGS form / NEFT Form 2024, Download

Details of Applicant includes below details:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Pan Card Number

Details of Beneficiary

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Account Number
  • Account Type
  • Name of Bank and Branch
  • Beneficiary IFSC Code

You can hand deliver the properly completed application form and payment to the branch office. There is a 2 lakh rupee requirement for RTGS transactions. Yet, there is no upper bound. The limit for NEFT transactions made through a branch, however, is Rs. 50000.

Download Central Bank of India RTGS form / NEFT Form,

  • At the link below, you can obtain a PDF of the Central Bank of India’s RTGS/NEFT form.

The Central Bank of India’s NEFT Settlement Time and Service Fees are listed below.

Hourly batch Settlements under Deferred Net Settlement [DNS] basis from 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM. There are 12 hourly batch Settlements in a day.Up to Rs.10,000/-
Rs.10,000/- & up to Rs.1 lakh
Above Rs.1 lakh & up to Rs.2 lakh
Above Rs.2 lakh
Rs.2.50 + GST
Rs.5.00 + GST
Rs.15.00 + GST
Rs.25.00 + GST

RTGS Transaction Timings

Sl. No.EventTime
1Open for Business08:00 AM
2Initial Cut-off For Customer Payments (R-41)16:15 PM
3Final Cut-off For Inter-Bank Payments (R-42)07.30 PM

How to complete the RTGS form for the Indian Central Bank, You must submit the following information on the Central Bank of India’s RTGS form: Your name, account number, address, phone number, email address, pan card number, and beneficiary details like name, account number, account type, name of bank, and branch beneficiary IFSC code are all examples of personal information.

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