BOM Bank Mobile Number Change, Online & Offline, How to Update Bank Of Maharashtra Bank Mobile Number?

Bank of Maharashtra Mobile Number Registration BOM Mobile Number Change Form, your bank account is protected by the registration of your cell phone number, which also enables you to utilise net banking. You will be notified each time money is added to or taken out of your account. You must visit your nearby Bank of Maharashtra branch in order to connect your cell phone number to your bank account.

BOM Bank Mobile Number Change Form,2024

The Bank of Maharashtra’s mobile number registration process is not available online. You must follow a few procedures in order to register your number with the Bank of Maharashtra or modify an existing number.

How to Update Bank Of Maharashtra Bank Mobile Number?

Process for Registering a Mobile Number with Bank of Maharashtra

  • To register your mobile number, you must visit the Bank of Maharashtra branch closest to your residence. You must send your branch manager a written application.
  • A pre-filled form is available or one can be made from scratch. Please provide your contact information, including your name, phone number, and bank account number.
  • Complete the form and attach your address verification. You must provide photocopies of your ID and proof of address. Provide your PAN card, voter identity card, or any reputable and recognised form of verification. To verify the legitimacy of your photocopies, you must sign them.
  • Throughout the registration procedure, your account is kept active.
  • Your application must be given to the bank management. He will approve your application if its veracity is established.

Change Your Bank of Maharashtra Cellphone Number

You must change your registered phone number if you’ve lost it or if your SIM card isn’t functioning. With the Bank of Maharashtra, changing or upgrading your cellphone number is easy and only requires a few steps.

  • Go to the Bank of Maharashtra branch that is closest to you to start the procedure. Bring any necessary documentation, such as a proof of address. Any form of identification can be used as proof of address, including a voter identity card, the most recent utility and phone bills, a driver’s licence, a passport, an Aadhaar card, or a PAN card.
  • To modify your registered mobile number, you must request the KYC Information Change application form. Completely fill out the form and include all pertinent data.
  • Add your signature, along with your name, account number, and new mobile number.
  • After you are completed, please turn the form in to your branch manager or a bank official.
  • The bank manager will now assess the accuracy of your form to see if all required information has been included. If he is satisfied with your form’s information and the attached files, he will acknowledge your request for a change of number.
  • Now that the procedure is over, the bank employee will change your account number in the Bank of Maharashtra records.
  • Your registered cellphone number may change, and you will be alerted via email or SMS. This process is used to confirm the security of your bank account. You can visit your branch to learn more about the process and to get updates if you don’t get a message.
  • The staff at the Bank of Maharashtra is kind and will guide you through the procedure. For further information, get in touch with them if you’re still having problems.
  • Visit the official website for additional information.

BOM Mobile Number Change Form

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