Block Indian Bank Credit Card, How to Block Indian Bank Credit Card

Ban or Unblock Credit cards at Indian Bank: Indian Bank offers its clients the option to ban or unblock their credit cards. The bank was established in 1907 as a component of the Swadeshi movement; now, it operates out of 2819 branches across India.

How to Block Indian Bank Credit Card

You can stop by any Indian Bank location near you or visit their official website at if you wish to use any of the bank’s other services, such as blocking your credit card or obtaining a new chequebook.

The Indian Bank. You may either ban or unblock your credit card. Customers of Indian Bank have the option to block or unblock their credit cards, which is helpful if their cards are lost or stolen. This service requires the consumer to call the following number, which may be found below, to block the credit card from the registered mobile number:

If the credit card is ever located, there is a chance that it will be stolen and used fraudulently. Anyone with access to your account can take out their entire balance anytime. When I realised I’d misplaced my credit card, I immediately put a freeze on it. To prevent the card from being misused, you must ban or add it. There are a few ways to report a lost or stolen credit card with Indian Bank. Now that we have that out of the way let’s move on to how to cancel an Indian Bank credit card.

What are the steps to ban a credit card from an Indian Bank?

I have compiled a list of the four ways to prevent Indian Bank credit card use. One of these techniques will make canceling the credit card easier for you.

Avoid using banks in India. You can pay with your credit card by dialing the free-of-charge hotline.

  • You may place a block on your credit card by contacting the toll-free number available around the clock.
  • To reach the toll-free number for the whole country, dial 180042500000 from your registered mobile phone number.
  • You must follow the IVR’s requirements to talk with a customer service professional.
  • Put a stop to payments on your credit card by submitting a complaint.
  • You are responsible for providing the executive team with the correct information.
  • The use of the credit card will be prevented after confirmation.
  • A confirmation message, including the case number, will be sent to your cellphone number on file.

Blocking of credit cards issued by Indian Bank through email

  • You may submit a request to have a credit card stopped by sending an email about it.
  • Email the required account, card, and account holder information to either or The email should include the subject line “ATM Hotlist.”
  • Once your credit card has been disabled, the bank will notify you via email.

Internet banking that prevents the use of credit cards

  • Use your computer or mobile device to visit the website of the Indian Bank.
  • Visit the Indian Bank’s Official Website
  • On the following screen, after you have selected “Net Banking,” you will be prompted to log in by entering your User ID and Password.
  • From the main screen, choose the “Block Credit Card” option.
  • Once you have selected the Credit card number and the explanation for blocking, you must pick the block button.

How do you disable credit cards using the IndOASIS app?

  • To install the IndOASIS mobile app, visit the Play Store on your mobile device.
  • After launching the app, sign up using the information from your account.
  • Establish a password for the application as well.
  • After completing the registration, you must input the mPIN to access the application.
  • From the significant menu’s drop-down menu, select the “Cards” option.
  • Select “Block Card” from the menu on the screen.
  • Choose “Lock this” from the available options for the card at this time.
  • On the new screen, verify that the cautionary text has been selected.
  • After that, select the lock option by clicking its button.

You may stop using your credit card immediately by following our advice on how to stop using your Indian Bank credit card.

Contact TMD/ATM Section at the following telephone numbers.

BankIndian Bank
Bank Customer Care Phone1800 425 00 000
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