Walmart MoneyCard Balance Check, How To Add Money And Check Account Balance

How can I add money to my Walmart Money Card and check my account balance? This post will demonstrate how to fund your Walmart Money Card account. How can I check my account balance? What are the many methods for loading money, including the step-by-step procedure for each method?

Walmart MoneyCard Balance Check

Stay with us and read on to learn about the easiest methods to add money to your Money Card.

Walmart Cash Card

When shopping for your favourite item at a Walmart store or paying utility bills, the Walmart Money Card comes in useful. This card offers a variety of facilities and services, as well as savings alternatives.

  • All cardholders will receive rewards on all purchases and will earn interest on money saved in the savings account.

How do you fund your Walmart Money Card account?

If you wish to perform a transaction or send money to a family member’s account, you must first load your card with the needed amount of money.

Add Money And Check Account Balance

You may fund your account in a variety of ways.

  1. Deposit Cash
  2. Direct Deposit
  3. Deposit Checks
  4. Bank Transfer

Let’s discuss each method one by one.

1-Deposit cash to your account:

There are three ways you can deposit cash into your Walmart Money Card account.

  1. Cash load at Walmart through the Walmart MoneyCard app.
  2. Through Walmart Rapid Reload.
  3. Through MoneyPak.

By using the Walmart MoneyCard app:

Simply deposit money into your account using the Mobile app at participating Walmart locations. You can deposit between $20 and $1,500 and utilise up to three deposit codes every day. Simply sign in to your account using the website or mobile app and generate a deposit code.

Show the cashier this deposit code, and the cashier will scan the bar code on your mobile app, and your money will be deposited into your account within 10 minutes. Please utilise the deposit code before it becomes invalid.

Using MoneyPak:

MoneyPak is a quick and easy way to load funds onto approved debit or prepaid cards. Anyone can utilise this service by going to the official website.

To prevent fraud, MoneyPak has included a secure login feature. Simply go to and create a secure login account. Verify your cellphone number and fund your MoneyPak account. Enter the account number to transfer the funds to any prepaid or debit card.

To learn more about the fees and transaction restrictions, please visit the official website.

2-Payment through direct deposit:

Through the internet website or mobile app, all clients can set up ASAP Direct Deposit for their income or other government benefits.

Customers will receive their paycheck amount two days early and government benefits four days early. If your direct deposit is $500 or more, you can avoid the monthly cost.

Find your bank routing number and direct deposit account number by following these steps:

You may get your routing and direct deposit account numbers by texting “DD” to 37267.

You may also find your routing number and account number by using the mobile app or website.

  • Launch the official website or the mobile app.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Select the Set up ASAP Direct Deposit option after clicking the Deposit link.

Contact your payroll or benefits department:

Check with your payroll or government benefits agency to see whether they provide direct deposit. You may find contact information for federal government benefits at

You must contact the state government’s benefits office or the payroll office of a private company. Inquire about enrolling in the direct deposit programme.

You may also print this form, fill it out, and deposit the funds into your Walmart Money Card. Sign in, fill out the form, and submit it to the benefits office.

3-Check for a deposit:

You may also fund your account using the free cheque deposit service. You can begin a cheque transfer request using the Money Card mobile app, or you can visit a Walmart store to deposit a cheque. Please review the information below.

Important details:

  • You can use this service only if you get direct salary or government benefits to your account and it has been operational for the previous two months.
  • The cheque must be made out to you.
  • Your account is in excellent standing, and you use it for POS transactions.
  • It will take around 5 days for the money to be deposited into your account via the mobile app and approximately 10 minutes at the Walmart store. Once a check has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled.

How can I use the Walmart MoneyCard app to deposit a cheque into my account?

Please follow the easy actions outlined below.

  • Download the mobile app and sign in using your login information.
  • In the app, pick the Deposit option and then the Deposit a Check option.
  • Make a cheque payable to yourself, sign it and put ‘For mobile deposit only’ beneath your signature.
  • Scan the cheque with your phone’s camera. Please ensure that the scan includes all four corners. Take a picture and send it to us for verification.

Deposit your cheque at Walmart:

Submit a salary or government benefit check through the Walmart check line. This service is only offered in participating Walmart locations, and there may be a cost charged at the store. Please enquire about any fees that may apply.

4-Bank wire transfer:

Money may be transferred from a bank account to a Money Card account. It is a very handy method that just takes a few minutes to complete using the smartphone app.

Important details:

  • The bank must be based in the United States.
  • If this is your first time contributing money through bank transfer, you can transfer a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $100. Following that, you can transfer up to $1,000 each day and $3,000 every month.
  • A bank transfer to your Money Card account usually takes 3 days to be credited to your account.
  • Another individual can likewise send money to your account number using his bank account.
  • You may also use the mobile app to plan a one-time or recurring bank transfer.
  • Transferring funds from a Walmart Money Card account to a bank account is not currently available.

Transfer procedure:

  • Log in to the official website or mobile app using your username and password.
  • After logging in, tap the Deposit button in the mobile app or the Add & Send Money button on the website.
  • Select the Bank Transfer option from the menu.
  • Choose the bank and input the bank login information. Your bank account and Walmart Money Card account will be securely connected.
  • After connecting the bank account, begin transferring funds.

How can I check my account balance?

  • If you have an online account and have activated your Money Card, you may check your account balance at any time by visiting the official website or mobile app. Log in to your account to view your balance, transaction history, and other information.
  • To check your account balance, text “BAL xxxx” to 96411 (where xxxx is the last four digits of your card number).
  • You may verify your transactions by texting “HIST xxxx” to 96411 (xxxx is the final four digits of your card number).
  • Customers may also text “HELP” to 96411 to get information about their account balance, recent transactions, history, and more.


We’ve discussed many methods for loading money into your Walmart Money Card account. You are free to utilise whatever technique that is most convenient for you.

Please let us know what you think about this article or if you need any further information. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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