PTU Previous Question Papers Punjab Technical University Question Papers PTU पिछला प्रश्न पत्र पंजाब तकनीकी विश्वविद्यालय प्रश्न पत्र

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Punjab Technical University Question Papers
Name of the BoardPunjab Technical University (PTU)
Name of the ExamPunjab Technical University (PTU 2021)
Courses OfferedB.Tech, M.Tech. B.Pharm, M.Pharm, B.Arch
CategoryPrevious Papers

Name of the Board, Punjab Technical University PTU, Name of the Exam, Punjab Technical University, Courses Offered, B.Tech, M.Tech. B.Pharm, M.Pharm, B.Arch, Official Site,, Category, Previous Papers,

EventsDates (Tentative)
Online Application Released Date4th week of May 2021
Last date of Application SubmissionLast week of June 2021
Exam Date1st week of July 2021
Result Announcement3rd week of July 2021
Counseling StartsJuly 2021

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PTU Previous Question Papers

EventsDate (Tentative)
Notification Released1st week of May 2021
Fee Deposition Starts2nd week of May 2021
Counselling & Admission Registration Started1st week of June 2021
Last Date for the Counseling Registration1st week of July 2021
Rank List Release1st week of June 2021
Choice Filling Starts2nd week of June 2021
Seat Allocation Result3rd week of June 2021

पीटीयू पिछले साल प्रश्न पत्र डाउनलोड करें, पीटीयू परीक्षा पत्र डाउनलोड करें, पंजाब तकनीकी विश्वविद्यालय प्रश्न पत्र, महत्वपूर्ण पीटीयू प्रवेश तिथियां, पीटीयू प्रश्न पत्र पीडीएफ, पंजाब तकनीकी विश्वविद्यालय परीक्षा विवरण, पंजाब पीटीयू पिछला पत्र पीडीएफ, पीटीयू प्रश्न पत्र, पंजाब तकनीकी विश्वविद्यालय पिछले वर्ष डाउनलोड करें प्रश्न पत्र पीडीएफ

1st and 2nd Sem…(B.Tech.)( AM-101) Engineering Mathematics-May 2009
(AM-101) Engineering Mathematics-I Dec.2008
(AM-101) Engineering Mathematics-I May 2008
(AM-101) Engineering Mathematics-I Dec. 2009
( AMA-101) Mathematics-I May-2009

(AM-102) Engineering Mathematics-II May-2009
(AM-102) Engineering Mathematics-II Dec.2008

(AMA-102) Mathematics-II Dec.2008
(AMA-102) Mathematics-II May-2008

(CH-101) Engineering Chemistry Dec.2008
(CHM-101) Chemistry May-2008
(CH-101) Enginering Chemistry May-2008
(CH-103) Engineering Chemistry Laboratory Dec.2008
(CS-101) Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT
(CSE-101) Fundamentals of Computer Programming andinformation Technology May-2009
(CS-103) Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT Practicals Dec.2008
(CS-103) Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT Laboratory Dec.2008
(EE-101) Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering May-2009
(EE-101) Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dec.2008
(EE-101) Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering May-2008
(EE-101) Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering May-2008
(EE-103) Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab. Dec.2008
(HU-101) Communication Skills Dec.2008
(HU-103) Communication Skill Lab. Dec.2008
(HU-101) Communication Skills May-2009
(ME-101) Elements of Mechanical Engineering Dec.2008
( ME-101) Elements of mechanical Engineering May-2008
(ME-102) Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics Dec.2008
(ME-104) Manufacturing Practice Dec.2008
(ME-105) Computer Graphics Lab. Dec.2008
(PH-101) Engineering Physics Dec.2008
(PH-103) Engineering Physics Laboratory Dec.2008

Civil Engineering…(B.Tech.)

3rd Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)
(CE-201) Survey-I Dec. 2009(CE-201) Survey-1 May-2009
(CE-201) Survey-1 Dec.2008
(CE-203) Fluid Machanics-1 May-2009
(CE-203) Fluid Mechanics-I Dec.2008
(CE-203) Fluid Mechanics-I Dec.-2007
(CE-205) Building Material May-2009

(CE-207) Solid Mechanics Dec. 2009
(CE-207) Sold Mechanics Dec.2007
(CE-209) Lab-1(Fluid Mechanics-1)
(CE-211) Lab-II(Solid Mechanics)3
(CE-213) Workshop Training of 4 Weeks duration after 2nd semester
(HU-253) Principals of Economics and Management
(HUM-253) Principals of Economics and Management May-2008
(HM-253) Principals of Economics and Management Dec.-2007
(HM-253)Principals of Economics and Management Dec.2009
4th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-202) Survey-II
(CE-204) Fluid Mechanics-II
(CE-204) Fluid Mechanics-II May-2008
(CE-206) Building Construction May-2009 (CE-206) Building Construction May-2008
(CE-208) Structural Analysis-I May-2009 (CE-208) Structural analysis-I May-2008
(CE-208) Structural analysis-I Dec.2007
(CE-210) Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology May-2009
(CE-210) Rock (Mechanics and Engineering Geology May-2008
(CE-210) Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology Dec.-2007
(CE-216) Environmental Science May-2009
(CE-216) Environmental ScienceDec.-2008
(CE-216) Environmental Science May-2008


5th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-301) Construction Machinery and Works Management May-2009
(CE-301) Construction Machinery and Works Management Dec.-2008
(CE-301) contruction Machinery and Works Management May-2008
(CE-303) Design of steel Structures-I Dec.-2007
(CE-303) Design of steel Structures-I May 2008

(CE-303) Dsign
(CE-303) Steel Structures Dec.-2007
(CE-305) Structural analysis-II -May-2009
(CE-305) Structural analysis-II *
(CE-305) Structural analysis-II May-2008 *

(CE-305) Structural Analysis-II Dec. 2008
(CE-305) Structural Analysis-II Dec.-2007 *
(CE-307) Design of Concrete Structures May-2009
(CE-307) Design of Concrete Structures-I Dec.2008
(CE-307) Design of Concrete Structures-I Dec.-2007
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I May-2009
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I Dec.-2007
(CE-309) Environmental Engineering-I May-2008
(CE-311) Transporation Engineering-I May-2009
(CE-311) Transportation Engineering-I Dec.-2007

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-302) Transportation Engineering-II
(CE-302) Transportation Engineering-II May-2008

(CE-302) Transportation Engineering -II Dec.2009

(CE-302) Transporation Engineering May-2009

(CE-304) Geo technical Engineering Dec.2009
(CE-304) Geo Technical Engineering May-2008
(CE-306) Irrigation Engineering-I Dec.2009
(CE-306) Irrigation Engineering-I May-2008
(CE-306) Irrigation Engineering-I Dec.-2007
(CE-308) Professional Practice Dec.2009
(CE-308) Professional Practice May-2008
(CE-310) Design of Concrete Structures-II Dec.2009
(CE-310) Design of Concrete Structures-II
(CE-310) Design of Concrete structures-II Dec.-2007
CE-312) Structural analysis-III
(CE-312) Structural Analysis-III May-2008

(CE-216) Environmental Science Dec.2009

8th Sem…(B.Tech.Civil)

(CE-402) Hydrology and Dams May-2009
(CE-402) Hydrology and Dams May-2008
(CE-404) Earthquake Resistant Structures May-2009

(CE-404) Earthquake Resistant Structures Dec. 2009
(CE-404) Earthquake Resistant structures May-2008
(CE-406) Environmental Engineering-II May-2009

(CE-406) Environmental Engineering-II Dec.2009

(CE-408) Design of Steel Structures Dec.2009
(CE-408) Design of Steel Structures-II May-2009
(CE-408) Design of steel Structures-II May-2008
(CE-410) Irrigation Engineering-II May-2009
(CE-410) Irrigation Engineering-II Dec.-2007

(CE-412) Foundation Engineering Dec. 2009
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering May 2009
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering May-2008
(CE-412) Foundation Engineering Dec.-2007

Electronics and Communication…(B.Tech.)
3rd Sem…(B.Tech.ECE)

(AM-201) Applied Mathematics-III
(CS-252) Programming using C++
(CS-254) Lab-III (Object Oriented Programming)
(EC-201) Electronics Devices and Circuits
(EC-201) Electronics Devices and Circuits
(EC-201) Electronics Circuitsand Devices Dec.-2007
(EC-203) Measurement and Instrumentation Object Oriented
(EC-203) Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation May-2009
(EC-203) Measurement and Instrumentation Dec.-2007
(EC-205) Lab-1 (Electronic Devices and Networks)
(EC-207) Lab-II (Instrumentation)
(EE-201) Network Analysis and Synthesis. *

4th Sem….(B.Tech.ECE)

(EC-202) Analog Electronics
(EC-202) Anlog Electronics May-2009
(EC-202) Analog Electronics May-2008
(EC-202) Analog Electronics Dec.-2007
(EC-204) Digital Electronics May-2009
(EC-204) Digital Electronics
(EC-204) Digital Electronics Dec.-2007
(EC-204) Digital Electronics May-2008
(EC-206) Signals and Systems May-2009
(EC-206) Signals and systems
(EC-206) Signals and Systems Dec.-2007
(EC-206) Signals and systems May-2008
(EC-208) Electromagnetic Field Theory
(EC-208) Electromagnetic Field Theory Dec.-2007
(EC-208) Electromagnetic field Theory May-2008
(EC-208) Electromagnetic field Theory May-2009
(EC-210) Lab-IV (Analog Electronics)
(EC-212) Lab-V (Digital Electronics)
(IC-204) Linear Control Systems
(IC-204) Linear Control Systems May-2008
(IC-212) Lab-VI (Linear Control Systems)

5th Sem….(B.Tech.ECE)

(EC-301) Analog Communication Systems
(EC-301) Anlog Communication System May-2009
(EC-301) Analog Communication Systems May-2008
(EC-301) Analog Communication Systems Dec.-2007
(EC-303) Antenna and Wave Propagation
(EC-303) Antenna and Wave Propagation Dec.2007
(EC-303) Antenna and Wave Propagation May 2008
(EC-303) Antenna and Wave Propagation May-2009
(EC-305) Linear Integrated Circuits
(EC-305) Linear Integrated Circuits Dec.-2007
(EC-305) Linear Integrated Circuits May-2008
(EC-307) Microprocessors and its applications
(EC-307) Microprocessors and its applications May-2009
(EC-307) Microprocessors and its applications May-2008
(EC-307) Microprocessors and its applications Dec. 2007
(EC-309) Pulse,digital and Switching Circuits
(EC-309) Pulse, digital and Switching Circuits Dec.-2007
(EC-309) Pluse Digital and Switching Circuits may-2009
(EC-311) Lab-VII (Analog Communication Systems)
(EC-313) Lab-VIII (Linear Integrated Circuits)
(EC-315) Lab-IX (Microprocessors)
(ME-251) Total Quality Management

6th and 7th Sem….(B.Tech.ECE)

(CE-216) Environment Science
(EC-302) Microwave and Radar Engineering
(EC-302) Microwave and Radar Engineering May-2009
(EC-302) microwave and Engineering May-2008
(EC-302) Microwave and engineering Dec.-2007
(EC-306) Micro Controller and Embedded Systems
EC-306)Micro Controller and Embedded systems May-2008
(EC-306) Micro Controller and Embedded System May-2009
(EC-306) Micro Controller and Embedded Systems Dec.-2007
(EC-308) Digital Signal Processing
(EC-308) Digital Signal Processing May-2009
(EC-308) Digital Signal Processing May-2008
(EC-308) Digital Signal Processing Dec.-2007
(EC-304) Digital Communication
(EC-304) Digital Communication Dec.-2007
(EC-304) Digital communication May-2008
(EC-304) Digital Communication May-2009
(EC-310) Lab-X (Microwave engineering)
(EC-312) Lab-XI (Digital Communication)
(EC-314) Lab-XII (Micro -Controller)
(EC-318) Lab-XIII (Digital Signal Processing)

8th Sem…(B.Tech.ECE)

(EC-404) Computer Network
(EC-404) Optical Fiber Communication
(EC-404) Optical Fiber Communication May-2009
(EC-406) VLSI Design and Technology

Department Elective-II

Department Elective-III

(EC-408) Lab-XIV (VLSI)
(EC-410) Major Project

Electrical Engg…(B.Tech.)
3rd Sem…(B.Tech.EE)
(AM-201) Applied Mathematics-III
(AM-201) Applied Mathematics-III May- 2008
(EE-201) Network Analysis and Synthesis
(EE-201) Network analysis and Synthesis May-2008
(EE-201) Network Analysis and Synthesis May-2009

(EE-201) Network Analysis & Synthesis Dec. 2009
(EE-203) Magnetic Circuits and Transformers
(EE-203) Magentic Circuits and Transforms May-2009

(EE-203) Magentic Circuits Transforms Dec.2009
(EE-205) Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

(EE-205) Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments
(CS-252) Object Oriented Programming
(EE-207) Electronic Devices and Circuits
(EE-207) Electronic Devices and Circuits may-2008

(EE-207) Electronic Devices and Circuits Dec.2009
(EE-209) Lab-I (Electronics and Networks)
(EE-211) Lab-II (Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments)
(CS-254) Lab-III (Object Oriented Programming)
(EE-213) Electrical Workshop Training

4th Sem…(B.Tech.EE)

(EE-202) Electromechanical Energy Conversation and DC Machines
(IC-204) Linear Control Systems
(EE-204) Applied Electronics
(EE-204) Applied Electronics May-2008
(EE-206) Instrumentation Engineering
(EE-206) Instrumentation Engineering May-2008
(EC-204) Digital Electronics
(EE-208) Electrical Engineering Material
(EE-208) Electrical Engineering Material May-2008
(EC-210) Lab-IV (Applied Electronics Lab )
(EC-212) Lab-V (Digital Electronics Lab)
(EE-210) Lab-VI (Control and Instrumentation Lab)
(EE-212) Lab-VII (Electric Machines-I Lab)

5th Sem…(B.Tech.EE)

(EE-301) Asynchronous Machines
(EE-301) Asynchronous Machines May-2009
(EE-301) Asynchronous Machines May-2008
(EE-303) Electromagnetic Field Theory

(EE-303) Electromagnetic Field Theory Dec.2009
(EE-303) Electromagnetic Field Theory May-2009
(EE-303) Electromagnetic Field Theory May-2008
(EE-303)Electromagnetic field Theory Dec.-2007
(EE 305) Power System-I (Transmission and Distribution)

(EE-305) Power System-I Dec.2009
(EE-305) Power System-I May-2009
(EE-305) Power system-I may-2008
(EE-307) Microprocessors and Interfacing Dec.2009
(EE-307) Microprocessors and Interfacing May-2009
(EE-309) Power Electronics Dec.2009
(EE-309) Power Electronics may-2008
(EE-309) Power Electronics May-2009
(EE-311/AM-351) Numerical Analysis Dec.2009
(EE-311)/AM-351) Numerical Analysis May-2009
(EE-313) Lab-VIII (Microprocessor Lab)
(EE-315) Lab-IX (Power Electronics Lab)
(EE-317/AM-353) Lab-X (Numerical Analysis Lab)
(EE-319) Lab-XI (Control Systems Using MATLAB)

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.EE)

(EE-302) Synchronous Machines Dec.2009
(EE-304) Electric Drives and Utilization Dec. 2009
(EE-304) Electric Drives and Utilization May- 2008
(EE-306) Power System-II (Switchgear and Protection) Dec. 2009
(EE-306) Power System-II May-2008
(CE-216) Environmental Science
(CE-216) Environmental Science Dec.-2007
(ME-352) Power Plant Engineering
(ME-251) Total Quality Management may-2008
(ME-251) Human Quality Management Dec.-2007
(HU-251) Human Resource management Dec.2007

Open Elective
(EE-308) Lab-XII (Electrical Machines-II Lab)
(EE-310) Lab-XIII (Software Lab. Visual Basic Programming)
(EE-312) Lab-XIV (Power Systems-II)
(EE-314) Minor Project

8th Sem…(B.Tech.EE)

(EE-402) Computer Aided Power System analysis
(EE-402) Computer Aided Power System Analysis May-2008
(EE-404) Non-linear and Digital Control Systems Dec.2009
(EE-404) Non-Liner and Digital Control Systems May-2008
(EE-406) Generation of Electric Power
(EE-406) Generation of Electric Power May-2008
(CS-452) Fuzzy Logics and Systems Dec.-2007

(EE-408) Lab-XV (CAPSA Lab)
(EE-410) Lab-XVI (Power System Design)
(EE-412) Seminar
(EE-414) Project Work

(EE-416) Extra High Voltage Engineering Dec.2009

Computer Science…(B.Tech.)

3rd Sem….(B.Tech.CSE)

(CS-201) Computer Architecture
(CS-201) Computer Architecture May-2008
(CS-201) computer Arcgitecture Dec.-2007
(CS-203) Mathematics-III
(CS-203) Mathematics-III May-2008
(CS-203) Mathematics-III Dec.-2007

(CS-205) Digital Circuits and Logic Design

(CS-205) Digital Circuits and Logic Design

(CS-205) Digital Circuits and Logic Design Dec.-2007

(CS-207) Data Structures and Programming Methodology
(CS-207) Data structures and Programming Methodology Dec.2007
(CS-209) Written and Oral Technical Communication
(CS-209) Communication Skill for Scientists and engineers may-2008
(CS-209) Communication skill for Scientists and engineers Dec.-2007
(CS-211) Programming Languages
(CS-211) Programming Languages May-2008
(CS-211) Programming Languages Dec.-2007
(CS-213) Software Lab-I (DSPM)
(CS-215) Institutional Practical Training
(CS-217) Hardware Lab-I (DCLD)
(CS-219) Software Lab-II (PL)

4th Sem…(B.Tech.CSE)

(CS-204) Operating System
(CS-204) Discrete Structures
(CS-206) Data Communication
(CS-206) Data Communication May-2008
(CS-206) Data Communication Dec.-2007
(CS-208) Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming
(CS-208) Microprocessor & Assembly Language Programming May-2008
(CS-208) Microprocessor and assembly Language Programming Dec.-2007
(CS-210) Systems Programming
(CS-210) Systems Programming may-2008
(CS-210) System Programming Dec.-2007
(CS-212) Software Lab-III (OS)
(CS-214) H/W Lab.-II (DC)
(CS-216) H/W Lab.-III (Microprocessor and assembly Language)
(CS-218) Software Lab-III (SP)

5th Sem…(B.Tech.CSE)

(CS-301) System Analysis and Design
(CS-301) System Analysis and Design May-2008
(CS-301) System Analysis and Design Dec.-2007
(CS-303) Computer Networks
(CS-303) Computer Network Dec.-2007
(CS-305) DBMS
(CS-305) Data Base Management System May-2008
(CS-305) Data Base Management System Dec.-2007
(CS-307) Design and Analysis of Algorithms
(CS-307) Designof alogorithm Analysis & Design May-2008
(CS-307) Design of Alogorithm Analysis and Design Dec.-2007
(CS-309) Computer Graphs
(CS-309) Computer Graphs Dec.-2007
(CS-311) Computer Peripherals and Interfaces
(CS-311) Computer Peripherals and Interfaces Dec.-2007
(CS-313) Software Lab-IV (DBMS Lab)
(CS-315) H/W Lab-IV (Data Communication)
(CS-317) Software Lab-V (Algorithms)
(CS-319) S/W Lab-VI (Computer Graphics)

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.CSE)

(CS-302) Relational Database Management system-II
(CS-302) relation Database Management System-II May-2008
(CS-304) Introduction to Business System
(CS-304) Introduction to Business System May-2008
(CS-306) Asynchronous Transfer Mode
(CS-306) Asynchronous Transfer Mode May-2008
(CS-308) Software Engineering
(CS-308) Software Engineering May-2008
(CS-312) Open Elective
(CS-314) H/W Lab-V (ATM)
(CS-316) S/W Lab-VII (RDBMS-II)
(CS-318) S/W Lab-VIII (S/W Engg.)
(CS-320) S/W Lab-IX (Business System)
(CS-324) Real Time System May-2008
(CS-324) Real Time System Dec.-2007

8th Sem…(B.Tech.CSE)

(CS-402) Symbolic Logic and Logic Processing
(CS-402) Computer Networks May-2008
(CS-402) Computer Networks May-2009
e Theory
(CS-406) Project
(CS-408) Principles of Engineering Economics and Management Techniques
(CE-216) Environmental Sciences

Department Elective-II
Department Elective-III
Department Elective-III Lab

(CS-416) Software Lab XIII (SI&LP)
(CS-312) Computers and Society (For other Branches only)


(CS-310) Computer Vision
(CS-322) System Hardware Design
(CS-324) Real Time Systems
(CS-326) Operation Research
(CS-328) Language Processor
(CS-330) Natural Language Processing

List of Electives-II

(CS-410) Organizational Structure
(CS-416) Overview of IT Materials
(CS-418) System Simulation and Modeling
(CS-420) Emerging Technologies and Current IT-Trends

List of Electives-II

(CS-412) Graphical User Interface
(CS-422) advanced Microprocessor
(CS-424) Expert System
(CS-426) Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

List of Electives-III

(CS-414) Graphical User Interfaces
(CS-428) Advanced Microprocessor
(CS-430) Expert System
(CS-432) Image Processing and Pattern recognition

Information Technology…(B.Tech.)

3rd Sem…(B.Tech.IT)

(CS-201) Computer Architecture
(CS-203) Mathematics-III
(CS-205) Digital Circuits and Logic Design
(CS-207) Data Structures and Programming Methodology
(CS-209) Written and oral Technical Communication
(CS-211) Programming Languages
(CS-213) Software Lab-I(DSPM)
(CS-215) Institutional Practical Training
(CS-217) Hardware Lab-I(DCLD)
(CS-219) Software Lab-II(PL)

4th Sem…(B.Tech.IT)

(CS-202) Operating System
(CS-204) Discrete Structures
(CS-206) Data Communication
(CS-208) Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming
(CS-210) Systems Programming
(CS-212) Software Lab-III (OS)
(CS-214) H/W Lab-II (DC)
(CS-216) H/W Lab-III (Microprocessor)
(CS-218) Software Lab-IV (SP)
(CS-220) Industrial Institutional Training

5th Sem…(B.Tech.IT)

(CS-301) System Analysis and Design
(IT-303) Windows Programming
(IT-303) Windows Programming May-2008
(CS-305) Data Base Management System
(IT-307) Electronics Commerce
(IT-307) Electronics commerce May-2008
(IT-309) Parallel Architecture and Computing
(IT-309) Paralled Architecture and Computing May-2008
(IT-311) Windows Programming Lab.
(CS-313) Data Base Management System Lab
(IT-315) Electronics Commerce Lab

6th Sem…(B.Tech.IT)

(IT-302) Advanced Internet Technology
(IT-302) Advance Internet technology May-2008
(IT-304) Management Information System
(IT-304) Management Information System May-2008
(IT-306) Web Administration
(IT-306) Web Administration May-2008
(IT-308) Network Operating System
(IT-308) Network Operating System May-2008
(IT-310) Open Elective


(IT-314) MIS Lab.
(IT-316) Web Administration Lab.
(IT-318) Network Operating System Lab.

8th Sem…(B.Tech.IT)

(IT-402) Introduction to Java
(IT-402) Introduction to Java May-2008
(IT-410) Major Project
(IT-412) Java Practical Lab.


(IT-416) Modeling and Simulation
(IT-408) Software Project Management
(IT-408) Software Project Management May-2008

Mechanical Engineering…(B.Tech.)

3rd Sem…(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(AM-201) Mathematics-III
(ME-201) Strength of materials-I Dec.2009
(ME-203) Theory of Machines Dec.2009

(ME-205) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Dec.2009
(ME-205) Machine of Drawing

(ME-207) Machine Drawing Dec.2009
(ME-207) Applied Thermodynamics-I

(ME-207) Applied Thermodynamics Dec.2009
(ME-209) Manufacturing Process-I
(ME-207/209) Applied thermodynamics-I May-2008
(ME-211) Strength of Materials-I Lab.
(ME-213) Theory of Machines Lab.
(ME-215) Applied Thermodynamics-I Lab
(ME-217) Manufacturing Process-I Lab.
(ME-219) Workshop Training

4th Sem…(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-202) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
(ME-204) Strength of materials-II
(ME-202/204) Strength of Matrial-II May-2008
(ME-206) Theory of Machines-II
(ME-206/208) Fluid Mechanics-I May-2008
(ME-208) Fluid Mechanics-I
(ME-210) Applied Thermodynamics-II
(ME-208/210) Applied Thermodynamics May-2008
(ME-212) Manufacturing Process-II
(ME-214) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Lab
(ME-216) Fluid Mechanics-I Lab
(ME-218) Manufacturing Process-II Lab

5th Sem…(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-310) Machine Design-I
(ME-301) Machine Design-I Lab
(ME-301) Machine Design-I May-2008
(ME-303) Heat Transfer
(ME-303) Heat Transfer May-2008

(ME-303) Heat Transfer Dec.2009
(ME-313) Heat transfer-Lab
(ME-305) Automobile Engineering Dec.2009
(ME-305) Automobile Engineering May-2008
(ME-315) Automobile Engineering- Lab
(ME-307) Mechanical Measurement and Petrology Dec.2009
(ME-317) Mechanical Measurement and Petrology- Lab
(ME-309) Numerical Methods in Engineering Dec.2009
(ME-309) numerical Methods in Engineering May-2008
(ME-319) Numerical Methods in Engineering- Lab
(ME-321) Computer Aided Drafting- Lab
(ME-251) Total Quality Management May-2008

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-302) Machine Design-II Dec.2009
(ME-302) Machine Design-II May-2008
(ME-310) Machine Design-II Lab
(ME-304) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Dec. 2009
(ME-312) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
(ME-306) Fluid Machinery Dec. 2009
(ME-306) Fluid Machinery May-2008
(ME-314) Fluid Machinery- Lab
(PE-408) Industrial Automation and Robotics
(PE-414) Industrial Automation and Robotics- Lab
(CE-216) Environmental Science
( ME-251) Total Quality Management May-2008

8th Sem…(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-402) Industrial Safety Environment
(ME-404) CAD/CAM Dec.2009
(ME-410) CAD/CAM -Lab
(ME-406) Operations Research Dec.2009
(ME-408) Mechanical Vibrations Dec.2009
(ME-412) Mechanical Vibrations -Lab
(DE/PE-2.1) Industrial Engg. May-2008
(DE/ME-1.3) Non conventional energy resource May-2008
(DE/ME-1.3) Human Resources management May-2008
DE/PE-2.1) industrial engineering May-2008

Open Elective
Department Elective-II

(ME-414) Project General Fitness Advisory meeting
(DE/ME-3.7) Theory of Plasticity
(DE/ME-3.8) Mechatronics

Production Engineering…(B.Tech.)

3rd Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-201) Strength of Material-I Dec.2009
(PE-203) Machine Drawing Dec.2009
(PE-205) Thermal Engineering

(PE-205) Thermal Engineering Dec. 2009
(PE-207) Theory of Machines Dec.2009
(PE-207)Theory of Machines May-2008
(HU-251) Industrial Organization and Management Information System
(ME-209) Manufacturing Processing Dec.2009
(ME-209) Manufacturing Processing may-2008
(PE-209) Lab-I (Strength of Materials-I)
(PE-211) Lab-II (Thermal Engineering)

(PE-211) Industrial Organisation & Management Dec.2009
(PE-213) Lab-III (Theory of Machines)
(ME-217) Lab-IV (Manufacturing Processes -I)

4th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-202) Design of Machine Elements
(PE-202) design of Machine Elements May-2008
(PE-204) Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
(PE-204) Fluid Mechanics Fluid machinery May-2008
(PE-206) Manufacturing Processes -II
(PE-206) Manufacturing Processes-II may-2008
(PE-208) Statistics and Numerical Analysis
(PE-208) Statistics and Numerical Analysis May-2008
(ME-205) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
(PE-210) Design of Machine Elements Lab.
(PE-212) Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Lab.
(PE-214) Manufacturing Processes -II Lab.
(PE-216) Statistics and Numerical Analysis Lab.
(ME-217) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Lab.

5th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-301) Operations Research
(PE-301) Operations Research May-2008
(PE-303) Machining Science Dec.2009
(PE-303) Machining Science May-2008
(PE-305) Engineering Metrology Dec.2009
(PE-305) Engineering Metrology May-2008
(PE-307) Metal Forming Dec.2009
(PE-309) Inspection and Quality Control Dec.2009
(PE-311) Jigs, fixtures and Press Tool Design Dec.2009
(PE-313) Machining Science Lab.
(PE-315) Engineering Metrology Lab.
(PE-317) Metal forming Lab.
(PE-319) Jigs, fixtures and Press Tool Design Lab.

6th and 7th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-302) Industrial Engineering
(PE-302) Industrial Engineering may-2008
(PE-304) Modeling and Simulation Dec.2009
(PE-304) modeling and simulation may-2008
(PE-306) Product Design and Development Dec. 2009
(PE-306) Product Design and development May-2008
(PE-308) Tool and Cutter Design Dec.2009
(PE-308) Tool and cutter design may-2008
(CE-216) Environment Science Departmental Elective-1
(PE-310) Industrial Engineering Lab.
(PE-312) Modeling and Simulation Lab.
(PE-314) Product Design and Development Lab.

8th Sem…(B.Tech.Production)

(PE-402) Computer Integrated Manufacturing
(PE-402) computer Integrated manufacturing May-2008
(PE-404) Non-Traditional Machining
(PE-406) Machine Tool Design
(PE-408) Industrial Automation and Robotics Dec.2009

Departmental Elective-II
Open Elective

(PE-414) Industrial Automation and Robotics Lab.
(PE-410) Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab.
(PE-412) Project

List of Elective Subjects

(DE/PE-1.1) Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
(DE/PE-1.2) Industrial Finishing Technology
(DE/PE-1.3) Welding Technology
(DE/PE-1.4) Plastic and Ceramic Technology
(DE/ME-1.5) Non-Destructive Testing
(DE/ME-1.6) Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

(DE/PE-1.7) Investment Planing
(DE/PE-1.8) Technology Management
(DE/PE-1.9) Marketing and Financial Management
(DE/PE-2.0) Productivity Management
(DE/ME-2.1) Operation Management
(DE/ME-2.2) Total Quality Management
(DE/ME-2.3) Material Management
(DE/ME-2.4) Project Management
(DE/ME-2.5) Human Recourse Management

(DE/PE-2.6) Industrial Packing
(DE/PE-2.7) Network Analysis
(DE/PE-2.8) Environmental degradation of Materials
(DE/PE-2.9) Material Handling and Plant Layout
(DE/PE-3.0) Production Planing and Control
(DE/ME-3.1) Industrial Safety and Environment
(DE/ME-3.2) Entrepreneurship



(MB-101) Principles and Practices of Management Dec.2007
(MB-101) Principles and Practices of Management May-2009

(MB-101)Principles and Practices Management Dec.2009

(MB-102) Organizational Behavior Dec.2007
(MB-102) Organizational Behavior May-2009

(MB-102) Organizational Behavior Dec.2009
(MB-103) Accounting of Management Dec-2007
(MB-103) Accounting of Management May-2009

(MB-103) Accounting of Management Dec.2009

(MB-103) Accounting Management Dec.2009
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques Dec.2007
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques May-2008
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques May-2009

(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques Dec.2009

(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques Dec.2009
(MB-105) Managerial Economics Dec-2007
(MB-105) Managerial Economics May-2009

(MB-105) Managerial Economics Dec.2009

(MB-105) Managerial Economics Dec.2009
(MB-106) Seminar on Executive Communication
(MB-107) Workshop on Computers for Management
(MB-108) Viva- Voice


(MB-201) Business Environment May-2008

(MB-201) Business Environment Dec.2009
(MB-202) Production and Operations Management May-2008
(MB-203) Human Resource Management May-2008
(MB-204) Marketing Management May-2008
(MB-204) Marketing Management May-2009

MB-204) Marketing Management Dec.2009
(MB-205) Financial Management May-2008
(MB-205) Finanical Management May-2009
(MB-206) Workshop on Research Methodology
(MB-207) Workshop on Information Technology
(MB-208) Viva- Voice


(MB-301) Applied Operations Research Dec.2009
(MB-302) Corporate Legal Environment Dec.2009
(MB-303) Major-I
(MB-304) Major-II
(MB-305) Major-III/Minor-I
(MB-306) Seminar on Management Information Systems
(MB-307) Presentation of Training Report
(MB-308) Viva-Voice

Information Technology
(MB-981) Programming in C/C++
(MB-982) Relational Database Management System
(MB-983) Software Engineering

(MB-903) Retail and Supply Chain Management

Human Resource Management
(MB-961) Social Security & Labour Welfare Dec.2009
(MB-962) Training & Development
(MB-963) Industrial/ Organizational Psychology Dec.2009

(MB-941) Production Planning & Control
(MB-942) Purchasing Management
(MB-943) Inventory Management

(MB-921) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Dec.2009
(MB-922) Direct Tax Planning
(MB-923) Strategic Financial Management Dec.2009


(MB-401) Strategic Management Dec.2009
(MB-402) Project Management and Entrepreneurship
(MB-402) Project Evaluation and Implentation May-2009
(MB-403) Major-IV
(MB-404) Major-V
(MB-405) Major-VI/Minor-II
(MB-406) Final Research Project
(MB-407) Viva-Voice

(MB-904) Advertising and Sales Management
(MB-905) Rural Marketing
(MB-906) Services Marketing
(MB-907) International Marketing

(MB-924) Management of Financial Services
(MB-925) International Finance
(MB-926) Management Control Systems
(MB-927) Financial Engineering

(MB-944) Quality Management
(MB-945) Technology Management
(MB-946) Manufacturing Policy & Implementation

Human Resource Management
(MB-964) Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
(MB-965) Organization Development
(MB-966) Performance & Compensation Management
(MB-967) International Human Resource Management

Information Technology
(MB-984) E-Commerce & IT Enabled Services
(MB-985) Introduction to Computer Network
(MB-986) Visual Programming




(MB-601) Marketing Research

(MB-602) Consumer Behavior and Promotion Management May-2009

(MB-603) Services Marketing Dec.2009
(MB-603) Services Marketing May-2009
(MB-604) Product and Brand Management
(MB-604) Product and Brand Management May-2009
(MB-605) Sales,Channel and Logistics Management
(MB-606) International Marketing
(MB-607) Rural Marketing


(MB-621) Financial Services
(MB-621) Financial Services May-2009
(MB-622) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
(MB-622) Security Analysis and Protflio Management May-2009
(MB-623) Management of Banking and Financial Institutions
(MB-624) Direct Tax Planning
(MB-624) Direct Tax Planning May-2009
(MB-625) International Finance
(MB-626) Working Capital Management
(MB-627) Management Control System
(MB-627) Management Control System May-2009
(MB-628) Financial Engineering


(MB-641) Quality Management
(MB-642) Production Planning and Control
(MB-643) Inventory Management
(MB-644) Purchasing Management
(MB-645) Technology Management
(MB-646) Manufacturing Policy and Implementation
(MB-646) Manufacturing Policy and implementation May-2009


(MB-661) Organization Development
(MB-662) Training Development
(MB-662) Traning and Development May-2009
(MB-663) Advanced Industrial Psychology
(MB-663) Advanced Industrial Psychology May-2009
(MB-664) Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
(MB-664) Industrial Relations and Labour Laws May-2009
(MB-665) Social Security & Labour Welfare
(MB-666) Performance and Compensation
(MB-667) International Human Resource management

Information Technology

(MB-681) Programming in C/C++
(MB-682) Relational Database Management System
(MB-683) Software Engineering
(MB-683) Software Engineering May-2009
(MB-684) Advanced Decision Support System
(MB-685) Introduction to Computer Network
(MB-685) Introduction to Computer Network May-2009
(MB-686) E-Commerce and IT Enabled Services
(MB-687) Visual Programing


Master of Engineering and Technology (M.Tech.)


Computer Engg…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

(CS-501) Advance Software Engineering 2007

(CS-501) Advance Software Engineering May-2008
(CS-503) Net work Security Dec.-2007

(CS-503) Net Work Security May-2008

(CS-503) Net Work Security Dec.2009


(CS-503) Net work Security June-2009

(CS-505) Advanced Computer Architecture System Dec.2009
(CS-505) Advanced Computer Architecture System Dec.-2007
(CS-507) Advanced Database Management System Dec.-2007

(CS-507) Advanced Database Management System May-2008
(CS-509) Advanced Programming Language June-2009

(CS-509) Advanced Programming Language Dec.-2007
CS-511 Advanced Software Engineering Lab
CS-513 Advanced Database Management System Lab

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

(CS-502) Digital image Processing June-2009

(CS-502) Digital image Processing May-2008
(CS-502) Digital image Processing Dec. 2007
(CS-504) Distributed systems June-2009
(CS-504) Distributed Systems Dec. 2007

(CS-506) Complier Design June-2009

(CS-506) Complier Design Dec. 2007


3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

CS 523 Project
CS-524 Seminar
CS-Elective -I

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

CS-500 Dissertation

(CS-508) Natural Language Processing Dec.-2007

(CS-508) Natural Language Processing May-2008

(CS-508) Natural Language Processing Dec.2009
CS-510 Artificial Intelligence
(CS-512) Object Oriented Analysis And Design Using UML June-2009

(CS-514) Software Engineering methodologies June-2009

(CS-514) Software Engineering Methodologies Dec.2009
(CS-516) Embedded Systems June-2009
(CS-518) Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logics June-2009

CS-515 Optimization Techniques
CS-517 Parallel Computing Dec. 2009
(CS-519)Fundamental Concepts Bioinformatics Dec.-2007

(CS-519) Fundamental Concepts Bioinformatics May-2008
(CS-519) Fundamental Concepts Bioinformatics Dec.2009
CS-521 VLSI Design

CS-520 Quantitative Techniques
CS-522 Robotics
CS-524 Object Oriented Programming With Visual Basics. NET
(CS-526) Business Information System Dec.-2007
(CS-526) Business information System May-2008

CS-526) Business Information System Dec. 2009



Industrial Engg…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Industrial)

(IE-501) Quantitative Methods and Operations Research Dec. 2007

(IE-501) Quantitave Methods and Operations Research May- 2008

(IE-501) Quantitative Methods and Operations Research Dec. 2009
(IE-502) Research Methodology Dec.-2007

(IE-502) Research Methodology May-2008

(IE-502) Research Methodology Dec. 2009
(IE-503) Operations Management Dec.2007

(IE-503) Operation of Industrial Systems Dec. 2009
(IE-504) Simulation of Industrial Systems Dec.-2007

(IE-504) Simulation of Industrial Systems May-2008

(IE-504) Simulation of Industrial System Dec. 2009
(IE-505) Methods Engineering and Ergonomics Dec.-2007

(IE-505) Methods Engineering and Ergonomics May-2008

(IE-505) Methods Engineering and Ergonomics Dec.2009
IE-506 Lab-1

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Industrial)

IE-507 Supply Chain Management Dec.2009
(IE-508) Production and Inventory Control Dec.2007

(IE-508) Production and Inventory Control May-2008

(IE-508) Production and Inventory Control Dec.2009
IE-509 Industrial Psychology Dec.2009

(IE-509) Industrial Psychology May-2008

(IE-509) Material Management Dec. 2007

(IE-509) Material Management May-2008

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Industrial)

IE- Elective-III
IE- Elective-IV
IE-580 Project
IE-590 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Industrial)

IE-500 Dissertation

IE-510 Materials Management Dec.2009
IE-511 Facilities Planning Design
IE-512 System Analysis And Design
IE-513 Organization Theory and Behaviour May-2008


IE-514 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering
IE-514 Advance Manufacturing Processes
IE-516 Industrial Economic and Accounting
IE-517 Management Information System Dec.2009


IE-519 Industrial Automation Dec.2009
IE-520 Business Policy and Strategies
IE-521 Value Engineering Dec.521
IE-522 Quality Assurance


IE-523 Product Design & Development Dec. 2009
IE-524 Industrial Packaging
IE-525 Project Appraisal And Management
IE-526 Entrepreneurship
IE-527 Safety Engineering Dec.2009

Power Engg…(M.Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE-501 Power System Operation & Control Dec.2009
PEE-502 Advanced Power System Analysis Dec.2009
PEE-503 Advanced Power Electronics Dec.2009
PEE-504 Digital Control Systems Dec.2009
PEE-505 Advanced Electrical Machines Dec.2009
PEE-506 Power System Software Lab

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE-507 Advanced Mathematics Dec.2009
PEE-508 H.V.D.C. Transmission Dec.2009
PEE-509 Industrial Automation Lab Dec.2009

PEE-514 EHVAC Transmission Dec.2009
PEE Elective-II

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE- Elective-III
PEE-511 Project
PEE-512 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE-600 Dissertation


Production Engg…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Production)

(PE-501) Mental Casting Dec.2007

(PE 501) Mental Casting Dec.2009
(PE-502) Metal Cutting Dec. 2007

(PE-502)Metal Cutting May-2008

(PE-502) Mental Cutting Dec.2009
(PE-503) Metal Forming Dec.2007

(PE-503) Metal Forming May-2008

(PE-503) Mental Forming Dec.2009
(PE-504) Welding Technology Dec 2007

(PE-504) Welding Technology Dec.2009
(PE-505) Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Dec.2007

(PE-505)Computer Aided Design & Manfufacturing May-2008

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Production)

(PE-507) Non Conventional Machining Processes Dec. 2007

(PE-507) Non Conventional Machining Processes May-2008

(PE-507) Non Conventional Machining Processes Dec.2009
(PE-508) Jig, Fixtures & Die Design Dec.2007

(PE-508) Jig,Fixtures & Die Design Dec.2009
(PE-509) Production Planning & Control Dec.2007

(PE-508/509) Production Planning & Control May-2008 PE- Elective-I
PE- Elective-II
PE-518 Lab-II

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Production)

PE- Elective-III
PE- Elective-IV
PE-580 Project
PE-590 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Production)

PE-500 Dissertation

List of Electives

PE-510 Machine tool Design
PE-511 Cutting Tool Design
PE-512 Industrial Tribology Dec.2009
PE-513 Diagnostic Maintenance & Monitoring May-2008

(PE-513) Diagnostic Maintenance & Monitoring Dec.2009

(PE-514) Advanced Operations Research May-2008
(PE-515) Management of Production system Dec.2007
PE-516 Simulation of Industrial Systems
PE-517 Materials Technology


PE-519 Mechnatronics
(PE-520) Robotics & Ind. Automation Dec. 2007

(PE-520) Robotics & Ind. Automation May-2008

(PE-520) Robotics & Ind.Automation Dec.2009
PE-521 Metrology & Industrial Inspection Dec.2009
PE-522 Computer Aided Process Planning


(PE-523) Methods Engineering & Ergonomics May-2009

(PE-523) Methods Engineering & Ergonomics Dec.2009
PE-524 Product Design & Development Dec.2009
(PE-525) Entrepreneurship Dec.2007
PE-526 Statistics & Reliability Engineering
List of Elective Courses
PEE-513 Power Systems Stability
PEE-514 E.H. V.A.C. Transmission
PEE-515 Reliability Engineering


PEE-516 Microprocessors and their application
PEE-517 Applied Instrumentation
PEE-518 Fast Transients in Power System


PEE-519 Energy Efficient Machines Dec.2009
PEE-520 Advanced Electrical Drives
PEE-521 Non-Conventional Energy Sources


PEE-522 Power System Reliability
PEE-523/ELE-519 Power System Planning Dec.2009
PEE-524 Power System Communication
PEE-525 Optimization Techniques
PEE-526 Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logics


Electrical Engg…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Electrical)

ELE-501 Power System Operation and Control
ELE-502 Advanced Power System analysis Dec.2009
ELE-503 Advanced Power Electronics
ELE-504 Digital Control Systems Dec.2009
ELE-505 Advanced Electrical Machines

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Electrical)

ELE-506 Power System Protection
ELE-507 Advanced Mathematics
ELE-508 HVDC Transmission Dec.2009

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Electrical)

ELE- Elective-IV
ELE-580 Project
ELE-590 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Electrical)

ELE-500 Dissertation

List of Electives

ELE-509 Power System Stability
ELE-510 EHVAC Transmission Dec.2009
ELE-511 Optimization Techniques
ELE-512 Microprocessor and their applications
ELE-513 Applied Inspection Dec.2009
ELE-514 Fast Transients in Power Systems
ELE-515 Energy Efficient Machines
ELE-516 Advanced Electrical Drives
ELE-517 Non Conventional Energy System
ELE-518 Power System Reliability
ELE-519 Power System Planning
ELE-520 Power System Communication


Electronics & Communication Engg…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

(EC-501) Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Dec. 2007

( EC-501) Advanced Mathematics For Engineering May-2008
(EC-502) Electronics System Design Dec.2007

(EC-502) Electronics System Design May-2008

(EC-502) Electronics System Design Dec. 2009
(EC-503) Data Communication Network Dec. 2007

(EC 503) Data Communication Network May-2008

(EC-504/ECE-504) Advanced Comm. System Dec.2007

(EC-504) advanced Comm. Systems May-2008
EC-505 Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Dec.2009
EC-506 Lab-1

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

(EC-507) Optical Communication Systems Dec.2007
(EC-508 )Digital Speech & Image Processing Dec 2007

(EC-508) Digital Speech & Image Proccessing May-2008

(EC-508) Digital Speech and Image Processing Dec. 2009
EC-509 Information Theory and Coding Dec.2009
EC- Elective-I
EC- Elective-II

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

EC-580 Project
EC-590 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Electronics & Communication )

EC-500 Dissertation

List of Electives

EC-510 Advanced Microprocessor & Embedded System
EC-511 VLSI Design
EC-512 Reliability of Electronics Comm. Systems May-2008

(EC-512) Reliability of Electronics Comm. Systems Dec. 2009

EC-513 Multimedia Comm. Systems May-2008

(EC-513) Multimedia Comm. Systems Dec. 2009
EC-514 Parallel Processing
EC-515 Peripheral System Design & Interfacing

EC-517 Modeling & Simulation of Comm. Systems
EC-518 Microwave Theory & Technique
EC-519 Detection & Estimation Theory
EC-520 Wireless & Mobile Communication Dec. 2009

EC-521 Microelectronics Technology May-2008

(EC-521) Microelectronics Technology Dec.2009
EC-522 Internet working & Internet Protocols
EC-523 RF Microwave & Antenna Theory
EC-524 Computational Techniques


VLSI…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. VLSI)


(VL-512) VLSI Design Concepts
(VL-515) Design of Analog/Mixed Mode VLSI Circuits
(VL-516) VLSI Design- LAB
(VL-517) Hardware Description Languages LAB

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. VLSI)

(VL-521) Advanced Digital Signal Processing
(VL-522) ASIC Design and FPGA
(VL-523) Memory Design and Testing
(VL-524) Embedded and Systems
(VL-525) Testing and Fault Tolerance
(VL-526) Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems-LAB
(VL-527) Design with FPGA’s -LAB

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. VLSI)



(VL-531) Elective-I
(VL-532) Elective-II
(VL-533) Thesis Seminar
(VL-E1) System on Chip (SOC)
(VL-E2) RF Design
(VL-E3) Process and Device Characterization and Measurements
(VL-E4) Sensor Technology and MEMS


Structure…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech.Structure)

(CE-502) Bridge Engineering
(CE-503) Theory and Design of Plates and Grids
(CE-504) Pre Stressed Concrete Structures
(CE-505) Advanced Structural Analysis

2nd Sem…(M. Tech.Structure)

(CE-508) Industrial Structures
CE- Elective-I
CE- Elective-II
3rd Sem(M. Tech.Structure)
CE- Elective-III
CE- Elective-IV
(CE-580) Project
(CE-590) Seminar
4th Sem(M. Tech.Structure)
(CE-500) Dissertation
(CE-509) Expert System in Civil Engineering
(CE-510)Advanced Foundation Engineering
(CE-511) Probabilistic Methods in Civil Engineering
Elective II
(CE-512) Instrumentation and Model Simulation
(CE-513) Solid Mechanics
(CE-514) Advanced Structure Design and Detailing
(CE-515) Theory and Design of Shells
(CE-518) Construction and Maintenance Engineering
(CE-519) High Rise Buildings
(CE-520) Disaster Reduction and Engineering

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