Paymanager Salary Slip 2024, Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download

Pay Manager Rajasthan: Pay Slip, Pay Manager Rajasthan Login, Sign in to get your employee’s pay Slip; following the start of the Modi government, we have seen how it has put in place many online government projects to assist users and stop scams. It is known that the government has taken this step by giving workers of the state government of Rajasthan information about their pay through the Paymanager Rajasthan site.


To be exact, the National Information Center (NIC) Rajasthan, which is part of the state government of Rajasthan, started the Paymanager Rajasthan site. Now, everyone working for the Rajasthan state government can use the above site to get information about their pay, payments, leaves, pension, income tax, and much more. Those of you who work for the Rajasthan government and want to know more about this topic must read this whole paper to check your salary online and do other things.

Pre PayManager Brief Description

Portal NamePay Manager
Launched By Which StateRajasthan
Department NameFinance Department
BeneficiaryAll Government Employees Of Rajasthan State
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Official Website

Helpline Details Of Finance Department:

Helpline DetailsEmail Address
Payment Status Portal

As of 2024, PayManager Rajasthan, The state government of Rajasthan made the Paymanager Rajasthan site so that their workers can check their pay online and get other helpful information. Employees can download the GA55 form and their pay Slips anytime through the site.

Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip

Rajasthan’s finance department made the above site. Employees can easily find their information on the PayManager Rajasthan site. This information can be on their pay Slips, in the form of income tax information, reductions from their pay, and much more. To get these perks, people working for the Rajasthan state government must first sign up on the Pay Manager Portal. Once registered on the Pay Manager Portal, you can easily download or view your pay Slips, leave information, and other related data.

The PayManager Rajasthan Portal’s Goals, Rajasthan’s state government workers can now get all the information they need about their pay Slips, deductions, income tax, and more online through the PayManager site. The government’s only goal with the site is to eliminate all the paper used for these things. In many battles, opening the link would also be useful. One problem often arises when workers don’t get their pay Slips on time. However, they can now easily view them online and download them immediately through the PayManager Rajasthan Portal.

Workers can have more questions than the ones listed above. They can solve all of these problems by using the Pay Manager Rajasthan site, which makes it easy for them to get any information that pertains to them.

Paymanager Rajasthan Portal Pros and Cons

  • All work for the Rajasthan government can easily check details like their pay Slips online through the Paymanager Rajasthan site.
  • The site makes it easy for them to check information about their pay Slips, withholding taxes, and much more.
  • The PayManager site makes it easy for all government workers to get their pay Slips.
  • They can use the site to download the GA55 form as well.
  • They have to sign up on the site first before they can use these services.
  • Everyone who works for the state government can see and download their pay Slips online.
  • Employees of the Rajasthan government can get information like the IFMS Circular, bank registration, head of department registration, and a lot more on the PayManager site.

How do I sign in to the PayManager Rajasthan portal?

  • First, you need to go to PayManager’s main website.
  • The login page will show up after you sign up.
  • Just type in your login and password.
  • Next, type in the captcha code that was given to you.
  • Finally, click the “Login” button to access the Paymanager Rajasthan site.

How do I sign up my bank for PayManager?

  • First, you need to go to PayManager’s main website.
  • When you get to the home page, click Bank Registration under Login.
  • It will bring up a sign-up page.
  • Type in your First Name, Last Name, and User Name.
  • Click on the “Check Availability” button.
  • Next, click on any of the Treasury and Bank buttons.
  • Next, choose the Sub Treasury Code and the Treasury/Bank Code.
  • You will now get information such as an email address, a map, a password, a phone number, a cell phone number, and the name of the office.
  • Once you’ve filled out all the required fields, click the “Verify Contact” button.
  • This is how you can go about signing up for the PayManager site.

How can I get my PayManager Rajasthan Salary Slip?

  • First, you need to go to PayManager’s main website.
  • A new page will appear after you click “Login.”
  • Select “Salary Slip” from the menu.
  • Enter all the required information, such as the year, month, etc.
  • Add all the information and then click the “Submit” button.
  • Your pay Slip will show up in front of you.
  • You can easily get to your pay Slip and download it.

How to change your portal password

  • To begin, you must log in to the official PayManager Rajasthan website.
  • It will take you to the web portal’s home page.
  • To get in, click on “Login” and then “Forgot Password (Employee Login).
  • A form to change your password will appear.
  • Next, put your phone number, date of birth, bank account number, and employee ID where asked.
  • Once you’ve filled out all these fields, hit the “Send OTP” button.
  • It will make a password and send it to the phone number you provided.
  • Next, click on the “Submit Details” button.
  • On the next page, type in your new password.
  • Type in the new password and then click the “Confirm” button.
  • We’ve changed your password.

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