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Livedrive Login Details j2 Global, Inc., a company that specialises in offering online backup and sync storage services, is the owner of the website According to the site’s about page, Livedrive is now the top online backup service in the USA and Europe and one of the world’s fastest growing cloud storage providers. However, I’m not so confident about their promises given that they are up against industry heavyweights like Google Drive, OneDrive,, Dropbox, and SugarSync, among a plethora of others.


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Livedrive Login

Thanks to its affordable prices and exceptional features like automatic online backup and file sync across all of your computers and mobile devices, the ability to work on the same files using either a PC or Mac, easily share files with a single click, web access, up to 5TB of cloud storage, and more, LiveDrive is expanding quickly.

Visit, scroll down a little, and fill out the registration form in the left centre of your screen. Then click the green “Create Account” button.

Step-by-Step Guide for Logging Into LiveDrive

  • Access Livedrive’s login page by typing into your browser.
  • Fill out the access form in the middle of your screen by starting with the first field, which asks for your email address.
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  • Type your user password into the box in the second field.
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  • All that’s left to do is click the green “Login” button at the bottom, and you’ll be successfully signed into your account!
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How to Recover a Livedrive Password

The “Forgotten Password?” link is situated just beneath the green “login” button that I previously highlighted on the site’s user access page, so if you follow the instructions above, go there. If you lose or forget your password.

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Just click the green “Recover” button after entering your email address in the box provided.



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