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Partners Together Through a web-based platform called Cintas, Cintas partners may simply and securely access crucial business data and services. Partners may access sales and marketing materials, manage their accounts, and get in touch with the Cintas team through the website.

Cintas Partner

Partners have access to their order history, order status, and inventory management through Cintas Partner Connect. To assist them better serve their consumers, they may also get information about the goods, the pricing, and promotions.

Cintas Partner Connect Login

In addition to these features, Partner Connect Cintas offers partners training and educational materials to help them stay current on Cintas’s most recent goods and services. This covers webinars, online courses, and other instructional materials.

In order to improve business operations and provide better customer service, partners may benefit from Cintas Partner Connect. Cintas can strengthen its relationships with its partners and ensure they receive the support they require for success by giving them access to vital information and resources.

Website: Cintas Partner Connect

The actions listed below should be followed to log in to the Cintas portal:

image 44

Password or ID reset

The actions listed below can be used if you need to update your password or have forgotten your user ID password.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Forgot User ID or Password?”
image 45
  • Enter the last four digits of your SSN
  • Select your Date of birth
  • Click on Continue.
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In order to obtain your ID or new password, correctly execute the next step.

Creation of a new account

  • Go to the Cintas Partner Connect Portal and choose “New User”
  • Complete the form by entering your SSN and DOB.

If you experience any problems with the partner portal, you may contact the Cintas portal support team here.

US Partners: 866-256-6559
Outside the US: 1-847-883-0477

Benefits of Partner Connect Portal

  • Access To A Wealth Of Useful Tools And Product Information
  • Order History May Be Easily Tracked Down And Retrieved.
  • Dependable Online Ordering Options For Greater Convenience.
  • Opportunities For Customizable Reporting To Suit Different Needs.
  • A Wealth Of Educational And Training Resources To Increase Understanding And Competence.
  • Various Marketing And Advertising Methods To Provide You A Competitive Edge.
  • To Quickly Fix Problems, Technical Help And Troubleshooting Assistance Are Provided.
  • Cooperation And Communication With Knowledgeable Cintas Staff Members Were Seamless.
  • Automated Billing And Invoicing Systems For Improved Accuracy And Efficiency.
  • Tools For Efficient Inventory Management Can Help You Simplify Your Business.

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