Check CRN Number, Get Kotak Bank Account CRN Number by SMS

How to Get a Kotak 811 CRN and How to Know a Kotak Bank CRN? The CRN number for Kotak 811 forgot that you may obtain it both online and offline. Read the post attentively if you want to know “how to know Kotak CRN no.”

Check CRN Number

About Kotak Mahindra Bank, we first described how to generate a Kotak debit card pin. In this article, we’ll go over the complete, step-by-step instructions for finding your CRN at Kotak Mahindra Bank. In all, there are eight different ways to do this.

What is the CRN for Kotak Mahindra?

Customer Relationship Number is referred to as a CRN. It is a special 9-digit number that Kotak Bank gives to its clients. Your CRN will remain the same even if you have numerous accounts with Kotak Bank. It goes under the names Customer ID and CIF Number in various banks.

Specifications for CRN Kotak 811

  • Mobile Number on File with Kotak: If you’re interested in receiving Kotak’s CRN number through SMS,
  • App by Kotak: To obtain the CRN number for Kotak Mahindra over the internet (with or without logging in),
  • Debit/Credit Card from Kotak: Offline How to locate CRN for Kotak Bank
  • Letter of Introduction (Welcome Kit) from Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Kotak electronic statements (account, personal loan, and credit card)
  • In Kotak Mahindra Bank, the customer ID

Steps for Method 1: Kotak CRN Check using the Kotak website.
Launch the Kotak Bank website.

  • After entering your “Customer ID” and the Captcha Code that appears on the screen,
  • Click “Submit” under the “Retail Nett Banking” option.
  • Your Kotak CRN will now appear on the screen.

Method 2: How to Access Your Kotak Bank CRN Through a Mobile App (Without Logging In)

  • If you are already a user of the Kotak Mobile App, you may obtain your CRN Number using the Kotak Bank Mobile App. You may quickly locate CRN Kotak Mahindra bank by following these methods.
  • On your smartphone, launch the Kotak Bank mobile app.
  • You will find a “Forgot MPIN” option (located at the bottom side) on the main screen.
  • When you select the “Forgot MPIN” option, a new screen will appear.
  • Your Kotak CRN No. is shown at the top of the screen.

Method 3: After logging in to the Kotak Mobile App, how can you find your CRN?

  • Launch the Kotak mobile app.
  • Click the “Kotak 811” option in the “Bank” section of the dashboard.
  • Your account balance is now displayed on the screen.
  • You will also have the option to “See Account Details” in addition to your account balance.
  • Your mobile device will display your 9-digit CRN Kotak bank when you select the option.

Method 4: How to Receive the CRN Number of Kotak Mahindra Bank through SMS.

  • Open the SMS application on your phone.
  • Send this SMS from your registered mobile phone to 5676788 or 9917056767 by typing CRN into the text field.
  • Your Kotak CRN will be sent to your phone by SMS right away.

Method 5: Using a debit or credit card, how can I find the Kotak Mahindra Bank CRN Number?

You may also create CRN Kotak by using a Kotak Debit or Credit Card. You may quickly verify the front side of your Kotak Bank debit or credit card using this approach. Your CRN for Kotak is a 9-digit unique number that may be found at the bottom left of the card.

Method 6: How to check a Kotak CRN number using an invitation letter.

When a customer opens an account with Kotak Bank, the bank sends them a welcome package. You receive your Passbook, Debit Card, Welcome Letter, Cheque Book, etc. in this bundle. Your name, account number, and CRN number are mentioned by the bank in the welcome letter. You may simply find the Kotak CRN number by using that Kotak Bank welcome letter.

Method 7: How Recover Kotak 811 CRN Number from Kotak Bank Account, Credit Card, or Personal Loan Statement

You may also utilise a credit card statement, personal loan statement, or an e-passbook statement from a Kotak bank account to retrieve your lost CRN Kotak Number. The statement may be downloaded to your computer or mobile device via the Nett Banking or Mobile Banking option. After downloading the credit card statement, personal loan statement, or bank account statement, you may access the PDF file with the password and see your CRN Kotak 811 Number along with other information like your name, account number, etc. on the top of the statement.

Method 8: How Can I Locate the CRN in My Kotak Cheque Book?

Get a personalised chequebook from Kotak Bank.
Verify the client information displayed on the first page of the check book.
Your name, address, and phone number are included here, along with a Reference No. (Ref. No.), which is just your Kotak CRN Number.

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