BSNL Balance Check Number For, USSD Code for Voice, 4G Data & SMS

BSNL Balance Check: Enquiry Number Code List for Checking BSNL Data, SMS, Talktime, and Prepaid Plan Validity We’ll demonstrate how to check your BSNL balance, data, and more in this article. Now let’s get started without further ado.

BSNL Balance Check Number

One of the few telecom providers in India with a wide variety of prepaid recharge options, particularly for various circles, is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). Every corner of the nation has access to the state-owned operator. Moreover, much like all other telecom providers like BSNL also enables its users to check their call and data balances, learn about new discounts, and more by using straightforward USSD codes or through its application.

You Only Have To Dial *123# On The Calling App And You Will Get To Know The Main Balance For Your BSNL Number. You Can Also Dial *112# And Follow The Required Steps To Know The Prepaid Balance Of Your BSNL Number. The Operator Also Allows Its Customers To Check Their Balances Via SMS.

BSNL Balance Check Numbers

You only need to enter *123# on the calling app to check the primary balance from any BSNL phone. The balance will be automatically fetched for you using the USSD code. To find out your prepaid main balance with BSNL, phone *112# and follow the on-screen directions.

How to Check BSNL Prepaid Main Balance

The business also provides an option for checking the BSNL balance by SMS. Consumers may text “BAL” to 123 to find out how much credit is left on their line. In addition, customers can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign in using the OTP. After finished, you may quickly and conveniently check your primary balance on the app.

Data Balance or Enquiry Codes for BSNL, Moreover, BSNL has many USSD codes that you may use to check your data balance from your BSNL number:

  • You may check your 2G or 3G data balance by dialling 1236# or 12310#, respectively.
  • Limited areas are covered by 4G by BSNL as well. By simply dialling *124#, those who are connected to the BSNL 4G network may check for the data.
  • With *124*2#, you may also check the BSNL net balance.
  • In addition, one may contact *112# to find out their remaining data.
  • One can phone 1238# to check their night data balance.
  • The programme itself also allows one to view the specifics of the data balance.

How to Verify the Validity of a BSNL Prepaid SIM

In order to check for the prepaid SIM validity, one can simply dial *123*1#. This will show you the main balance along with the validity details of your BSNL prepaid number. One can also use the application to see the remaining validity of your BSNL mobile number.

BSNL SMS Pack Balance Enquiry USSD Codes

You also have the choice to use USSD codes to check the SMS pack balance, according to the telecom provider. The following digits can be dialled to obtain information about your remaining SMS balance:





How to Check BSNL Balance Online using My BSNL Application

With the My BSNL application, you can also check your BSNL balance as well as the remaining validity of your plan, SMS, and other things. Users may download the My BSNL app from the iPhone App Store and the Android Google Play Store. After that, you may use the app to log in and check your primary balance, current recharge plans, remaining balance, and the validity of your plans by following the on-screen instructions.

How to Check BSNL Active Prepaid Plan

The firm also provides certain USSD codes to help you if you’re unsure about the active prepaid plan associated with your prepaid phone. Customers may quickly learn the BSNL active prepaid plan by dialling the USSD codes shown below.




All BSNL USSD Enquiry Codes List

BSNL USSD CodesFeatures
*123# or *124*1#Check Main Balance
*124*2# *123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6#Check Net balance
*999#Find SIM Card Number
*444#Check Prepaid Offers
*124#5#Plan voucher
*102# or *124*8# or *124*5#Active Prepaid Plan
*124*10#Check Video Call Balance
*123#Check Validity
*102#Check Last Call Charge Detail
*123*5# or *123*6#Check Network Call
*123*2#Minutes Balance
*8888#Number Check
*123*4#Check FRC on net Balance

What All Can be Checked with BSNL USSD Codes?

Users of BSNL may check a wide range of things using various BSNL USSD codes. One can use USSD codes to check their BSNL number’s primary balance first. With various USSD codes, one may also check their internet balance, validity, SMS balance, phone minutes, and special offers.

What is the USSD Code for Recharging Your BSNL Number?

For those who are unaware, you also have the option to recharge via USSD codes through the state-owned operator. The business offers the option of utilising USSD codes to replenish top-up scratch cards. You can recharge other people’s numbers and do other things with it. The procedure is not too difficult. Callers should call *124# and then press 2. There are two choices available: Third Party Recharge and Scratch Card Refill. In order to recharge your BSNL prepaid phone, you have two alternatives.

What in BSNL is GP2?

Grace Period is referred to as GP. For its consumers, BSNL offers two different kinds of grace periods. The second is referred to as GP2. The second grace period, sometimes known as GP2, begins on the eighth day after the validity expires. Moreover, consumers get 165 days of grace to reactivate their BSNL SIM cards. The SIM will thereafter be entirely turned off.

What in BSNL is GP1?

As previously stated, BSNL provides its clients with two distinct sorts of grace periods. We’ve previously talked about GP2, so it’s time to learn about GP1. The first grace period, often known as GP1, begins on the day the validity expires. The seven-day GP1 validity period.

What are the best prepaid BSNL recharge options for GP2 customers who are not active?

For clients who are GP2 or inactive, BSNL provides two distinct prepaid plans. Customers can activate their inactive BSNL prepaid number using these plans. These plans include the following:

STV-139: The initial plan, which costs Rs 139, is called STV-139. The 28-day validity of the bundle includes 2GB of data each day. Together with 100 SMS a day, it also provides unlimited phone calls on local, STD, and national roaming networks, including Mumbai and Delhi circles.

PV-1199: The cost of the BSNL plan voucher recharge option is Rs 1,199. The Andhra Pradesh circle now has the pack, which increases the validity to 365 days. The package provides limitless phone calls on local, STD, and long-distance networks, including those in Mumbai and Delhi. It also includes 100 SMS every day and 24GB of bandwidth.

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