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Log in to, a service that allows both people and organisations to manage their information and share files online. People may view and share their material on the website at any time and from any location. Its most well-known features include 10GB of free storage, the ability to store files online and access them from any device, 

Box Login

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The ability to quickly and easily share large files with anyone (even entire folders of files if that’s what you want), the ability to access and share files on the go using mobile devices such as Android or iOS, and the ability to collaborate online with others. This last feature allows you to invite others to open files and edit them with you in real time as well as the ability to share files with them.

One of the greatest cloud storage providers available today is; in fact, most IT publications and experts rank it on par with market giants like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Not to mention that the service employs cutting-edge security technologies to ensure both the security and 99.9% uptime of your material.

Box Login Tutorial: Step By Step

  • Visit the Box login page at this address:
  • Fill out the first field on the access form in the middle of your screen with your email address.
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  • Fill up the second field box with your user password.
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  • All you have to do to enter is click the large blue “Log In” button at the bottom of the access form.
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Box Register

Visit, complete the registration form on the left-center of the page, and then select “Continue” from the list of options in the bottom-right corner.

Instructions for Recovering a Box Password

Following the instructions I previously provided, return to the site’s sign-in page and select the “Reset Password” option, which is directly below the blue “Log In” button I previously specified. You might also save time by going directly to

  • Click “Send” once you have entered your email address.


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