Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card, How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

How to Stop Using Your Vijaya Bank Credit Card Via Text Message? In light of this, let’s talk about banning a credit card with Vijaya Bank today. Your host must list your card immediately once it has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. You are not required to submit an application or visit the branch. Simply sending a text message will have the desired effect. Therefore, read the entire post for the following information: How to Stop Transactions at Vijaya Bank.

How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

The Government of India operates Vijaya Bank as a nationalized bank. The bank has 2031 branches, 13 extension centres, and 2001 automated teller machine locations spread out around the country to meet the banking and financial needs of individuals who belong to the many sectors of the country.

Customers of Vijaya Bank have access to a wide range of banking options, including automated teller machines (ATMs), cash deposit machines, mobile banking, tab banking, and mobile wallets. NEFT and RTGS are both viable options for transferring money at Vijaya Bank. Customers can choose between credit cards and Rupay Credit Cards as payment options at this bank. All bank branches support the NEFT and RTGS systems for transferring money. This bank was an industry pioneer in offering consumers cutting-edge and appealing services that they could use from the convenience of their own homes.

The Procedures to Follow to Block or Unblock Your Vijaya Bank ATM Credit Card

  • Toll-free Number Available Round-the-Clock for Vijaya Bank Credit Cards
  • You can reach us at the following toll-free numbers with any questions or concerns you have with your credit card:

Call the number 1800-225-100 and ask for a replacement card if your card has been lost or stolen. You must hotlist the credit card by dialling the same number before taking the earlier steps. You may also write BL – (credit card number) in the subject line of an email and send it to

If your card has been blocked, you can also send an SMS with the message “BLOCK” followed by the last four digits of the card number to the number 9223172141. You can prevent further use of the card by calling either 1800-225-100 or 1800-103-1006. You also have the option to blacklist the vehicle online.


What steps do I need to take to have my credit card unblocked?

You may get the block removed from your Vijaya Bank (BoB) credit card by calling the customer service number for Vijaya Bank and requesting that they remove the ban from your card. You must supply your Know Your Customer data if you want your card unlocked. In addition, you can get your card unblocked by sending an SMS or email, doing so through net banking, or simply going to the Bank of America office that is most convenient for you.

What does it mean for a credit card to be on a hot list?

If your credit card is lost, stolen, or used fraudulently, the hot listing will allow you to retrieve it. Your credit card usage won’t be possible after you’ve had it put on the “Hot List.”

When will I be able to speak with a representative from the BoB customer service team?

The toll-free line that allows you to speak with a customer support representative about your credit card is accessible around the clock, including through an interactive voice response (IVR) system. You may contact a BoB customer service professional by dialling the toll-free number whenever it is convenient, regardless of where you are or what time it is.

What steps should I take if I discover that I’ve misplaced my credit card?

You are required to, first and foremost, get in touch with a BoB customer service executive as soon as possible to report the loss of your credit card and make a request to have your card disabled. You will also be obliged to report the theft to the police by going to the station that is closest to you and submitting a copy of the report to the bank.

My credit card has some scratches on it. What are my options for obtaining a replacement?

You can contact the customer support department at BoB and advise them that your card has been destroyed. The executive will walk you through the steps of applying for a replacement card and answer any questions you may have along the way. You may also submit your request for a replacement card using mobile banking or internet banking on your computer. You can also go to the Bank of America location that is most convenient for you and ask for a replacement credit card there. You will receive assistance from a bank employee shortly.

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