APTRANSCO AE Exam Pattern 2025, APTRANSCO AE Syllabus 2024 Download

The Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation (APTRANSCO) will make the written examination’s syllabus and exam pattern available. Your ability to analyze information and your understanding of your area of specialization will essentially be tested on the written exam. It is crucial that applicants who are getting ready for this recruitment campaign are well-versed in the APTRANSCO Syllabus and Exam Pattern. 

APTRANSCO AE Exam Pattern 2025 Overview

APTRANSCO Exam Syllabus 2024 | AE Exam Pattern
Organization NameAndhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation Limited (APTRANSCO)
Post NameAssistant Engineer (AE)
Selection ProcessWritten Examination (Prelims & Mains), Personal interview
Job LocationAndhra Pradesh
Official Siteaptransco.gov.in

You can better grasp the sections that will make up the paper by glancing over the exam pattern. By looking over the syllabus, you can identify the subjects that are crucial for the test. For your better understanding, we have covered the specifics of each in this article. After reading this post, be sure to take careful note of the APTRANSCO Exam Pattern and Syllabus, and organize your exam study appropriately.

APTRANSCO AE Exam Pattern 2025 

SectionsSubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks 
Section ACore Academic Questions (Respective Discipline)7070 
Section BAnalytical Aptitude3030 
Total 100100

Candidates looking for further information regarding the APTRANSCO AE Syllabus 2024 can check out this article for a wealth of resources. To help you prepare precisely, each competitor must write down the subjects they will be competing in. Candidates can prepare more easily for the relevant Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation Limited (APTRANSCO) Written Exam if they follow the APTRANSCO AE Exam Syllabus for the applied Assistant Engineer (AE) vacancies.

APTRANSCO AE Syllabus 2024 

Additionally, the candidates must to review every topic by using the Andhra Pradesh TRANSCO AE Syllabus 2024 PDF as a reference. We have also included the topic-by-topic coverage of the Andhra Pradesh TRANSCO AE Syllabus & APTRANSCO Exam Pattern in this one article. We have included the required link to download the APTRANSCO AE Syllabus 2024 at the conclusion of this page.  

Analytical Aptitude:

·        Compound Interest

·        Ratio & Proportion

·        Percentage

·        Surds & Indices

·        Permutation, Combination & Probability

·        Time & Distance

·        Sequence & Series

·        Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere

·        Data Interpretation

·        Profit & Loss

·        Simple Interest

·        Work & Time

·        Mixtures & Allegations

·        Number Systems

·        Probability

Electric Circuits:

·        Transient response of DC and AC networks

·        Sinusoidal steady-state analysis

·        Resonance

·        Ideal current and voltage sources

·        Thevenin’s, Norton’s, Superposition, and Maximum Power Transfer theorems

·        Two-port networks, three-phase circuits, Power measurement

·        Network graph

·        KCL, KVL

·        Node and mesh analysis

·        Star/ delta transformation

·        Electromagnetic induction

·        Mutual induction

·        AC fundamentals

·        Harmonics

Electric Machines:

·        DC machines – types, windings, generator/ motor characteristics, armature reaction, commutation, starting and speed control of motors.

·        Three-phase induction motors – principles, types, performance characteristics, starting and speed control

·        Single-phase induction motors

·        Single-phase transformer – equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, tests, regulation, and efficiency

·        Three-phase transformers – connections, parallel operation

·        Auto-transformer

Utilization and Control Systems:

·        Lag, lead, and lead-lag compensation

·        Heating – resistance, induction, dielectric

·        Welding – spot, seam, and butt

·        Electric traction – speed-time curves, tractive effort

·        Principles of feedback

·        Transfer function

·        Block diagrams

·        Steady-state errors

·        Routh and Nyquist techniques

·        Bode plots

·        Root loci


·        Digital voltmeters and multimeters

·        Oscilloscopes

·        Bridges and potentiometers

·        PMMC, moving iron, dynamometer, and induction-type instruments

·        Measurement of voltage, current, power, energy, and power factor

·        Phase, time, and frequency measurement

·        Q-meters

Power Electronics and Drives:

·        Bridge converters – fully controlled and half controlled

·        Principles of choppers and inverters

·        Basic concepts of adjustable speed DC and AC drives.

·        Semiconductor power diodes, transistors, thyristors, GTOs, MOSFETs, and IGBTs – static characteristics and principles of operation

·        Triggering circuits

·        Phase control rectifiers

Power Systems:

·        Principles of overcurrent, differential, and distance protection

·        Basic power generation concepts

·        Transmission line models and Performance Underground cable, string insulators

·        Corona

·        Distribution systems

·        Per unit quantities

·        Bus impedance and admittance matrices

·        Load flow

·        Voltage control

·        Power factor correction

·        Economic operation

·        Symmetrical components

·        Fault analysis

Analog and Digital Electronics:

·        Multiplexer

·        Schmitt trigger

·        A/D and D/A converters

·        8-bit microprocessor basics, architecture, programming, and interfacing

·        Characteristics of diodes, BJT, FET

·        Amplifiers – biasing, equivalent circuit, and frequency response

·        Oscillators and feedback amplifiers

·        Combinational and sequential logic circuits